Saturday, June 02, 2012

(Almost) Halfway Through

It's the sixth month of 2012!


Omg how time flies!

Let me reflect on what happened the first 5 months of the year:




I'm pretty sure I did some things, but I can't seem to recall any.

*scans through blog posts from January til May 2012*

I finished blogging about my Seoul trip! :P Took me long enough (like what, 7 months?) that I felt like just stopping but I figured I should finish it. Glad I did, because everytime I read the posts on my trip, I couldn't help smiling and reminiscing the happy times!

Oh I experienced being locked inside a toilet, that was.. interesting. LOL

Splurged on UVERworld's single CD and their latest DVD, I can't believe I'm still fangirling at this age. I should cut back on spending too much on CDs and DVDs since I hardly play them (downloads ftw!) but there is always an awesome feeling being able to get your hands on limited edition stuffs. :P

Anyways, the most important update!

On the last Sunday of May 2012, one of my closest friends, @aimihayy got engaged to #MIA (funny, I've not met him!), after like what, almost 8 years of being together?

@yanaLiy as makeup artist for the day, fixing @aimihayy's tudung
So happy for her! :)

Wedding is set end of November, so I wonder how she is feeling right now.

I remember the first time when she broke the news of her engagement and wedding, I almost teared. Wah I think I'm gonna cry at her wedding!

Wait I think I'm gonna cry at ALL of my friends' weddings!



Here are some randoms stuffs:

Tried the hummingbird cake from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, The Gardens.Usually I'm not fond of the cakes from the coffee chain, but somehow this delighted me! It's not overly sweet, just how I like my cakes to be!

Took my sister to watch The Avengers. It was the third time for me LOL. So happy that she enjoyed it so much! Had dinner at our favourite Korean place:

The manager pretty much remember us and even asked where is my younger sister. Haha. We love that place so much! But I feel like somehow the quality of their kimchi jigae is slowly deteriorating. Hmmm.

This i like, my third punctured tire, in less than 1.5 years after getting my car (check out the first time, happened in PD!). And it was the second time that particular tire got punctured. -_-

I hardly go to Starbucks anymore after discovering this. Costs almost RM8, but keeps me awake better than their crafted beverages. Must be the double shot. But I always have four shots of espresso when I buy drinks from Starbucks. LOL.

Sinful. Sinful. AND EXPENSIVE!

Lovin' the tomato chutney! Had this when I was on my vegetarian month thingie.

Onigiri when I feel like having Japanese food but too stingy/broke to spend in Sushi Zanmai at 1Mont Kiara. The UCC coffee is GOOD! But it's like RM5 for less than 250ml if I'm not mistaken.

yeah. sometimes I just had to.

Aren't they cute! Felt like buying. But no Iron Man or Captain America. Not sure the prices.

Mmmm. The creamy sauce is just so good..
Some Mickey x HSBC thingie going on at Midvalley Megamall. If not mistaken it will be there till 10th of June! Go see!

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