Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unboxing: UVERworld's 7th Trigger and 2011 Premium Live on Xmas

The limited editions by the way. *flips hair*

Pre-ordered both the single and the DVD when they were both announced at CDJapan (I'm so faithful) and opted for both to be sent after the DVD's release.

Imagine my surprise (and happiness) when I got an e-mail saying my package had been shipped on the 2nd April, 2 days before the DVD's release.

So I thought, "yay! I'm gonna get it on the 4th!" just like how I got BABY BORN & GO/KINJITO on the release date itself.

So on the 3rd, after slaving myself at work, I got home and checked the Pos Malaysia's track and trace site to track my package. Imagine my shock when it was stated that my package has been received..


So I ran out of my room and spotted my package on one of the chairs near the computer table and hugged it. And smiled like an idiot.

the usual brown packaging by CDJapan

ah i recognise the green paper!

as always, it's time to shake your butt like HyunA going, "bubblebubblebubble pop bubblebubble pop pop"

top is the DVD, while bottom is the single

21st single on their 7th year of their debut


the CD

the jacket

the DVD, which contains their performances of いつか必ず死ぬことを忘れるな (during their 2011 Zepp Sendai show) and 勝者臆病者 (during their 2011 Zepp Tokyo show) which are tracks from their 6th album, Life 6 Sense AND a special movie, which is footage of short clips from their debut til now

i still don't know what this is for hmmm

lyrics to 7th Trigger

lyrics to バーベル~皇帝の新しい服ver.~ or Barbell ~ The Emperor's New Clothes version~ GO. CHECK. OUT. THE. PV. It's done by Jack Lee Randall. It's a work of art, and very different from the usual UVERworld videos because, none of them are in it except for.. their cut-outs?? Here's a footage of the video-making process from UVERworld's Staff Diary

lyrics to AWAYOKUBA-斬る

i like this photo! TAKUYA∞ apparently shocked everyone when he walked and sat on the railing without any safety gears. WTF. dRII-san (their staff) said that he was like Tom Cruise. Chewahhhhhh.

so festive! nevermind that it was released 3 months+ after Xmas


i like the combination of colours here

Now, some shots of the photobook which comes with the DVD!

hell yeah!

TAKUYA∞ in his denim get-up

Katsuya, please keep this hairstyle!

Akira I'm jealous of your smooth hair please tell me your secrets

Nobuto! :) I'm so glad to see the funny side of you in the DVD! Heehee

Shintarou, whose drumming skills I envy veryveryvery much

i envy this dude's guitar skills

and his too. but not his fashion sense. Katsuya! Tights are BIG no-nos. だめです!だめです!Stop wearing tights with shorts, おねがいします!


Not sure if I'll be reviewing the 2 items above or not. The DVD is awesome though! I'm not sure but I feel like I like this one better than the Tokyo Dome one. Will try when I have the time ok?




  1. oh maii <3
    *non-stop drooling*
    mind to ask how did you buy these cds?
    im from kota bharu and im so happy because somehow you make me feel like
    im not alone in kelantan T.T

  2. Hi Rabicia! :)

    I bought them from CDJapan, been buying all my UVERworld stuff from there.

    Aww.. I'm sure you're the only one. :)

  3. im the only one? *sobs*
    anyway im still new to them but fall rapidly in love with them XD
    thanks for sharing anyways (^v^)


    That was a typo! I mean I am sure you're *NOT the only one my dear.

    No probs tho. :)

  5. oo typo? HAHAHA~ XD
    *phew* anyway nice to meet u (^-^)
    guess that i'll keep stalking your blog now~keke *evil laugh*

  6. Hehehe *shyshy*

    Nice to meet you too!

    Thank you for dropping by, though I doubt I can provide much information on UVERworld besides my usual fangirlish stuff :P


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