Monday, April 17, 2017

And another one.

Just two months after Shintarou of UVERworld announced his marriage, another member announced (through their fan club, Neo Sound Wave, so I can't link) his marriage to someone he’s been with..


This is just.. sweet to level infinity man. #tearsineyes #proudmama

The member is Katsuya, UVERworld’s guitarist, leader..

And my favourite member.

When I saw the news I felt like I was slapped real hard.

Like, “get back to reality bitch!”


But I felt a little left behind..
Like they are all slowly moving on..
And I’m still stuck here.


You will always be the member whose smile can light up my life. And your laughter too.
Love you!


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Lucky you Singaporeans!

Or those who are currently living in Singapore.

RADWIMPS Asia Tour 2017 now includes Singapore!

They will be rocking at Megabox Event Hall @ Bigbox, Venture Avenue (nearest MRT station would be Jurong East station) on 4 June 2017.

It will be the first show for their Asia Tour 2017, however I’m not surprised if they suddenly add more countries.

And if they do please don't announce too last minute. And please release the tickets in May, because I am superbroke right now. Pfft.

Tickets are priced at SGD118 and SGD98, all free standing. The more expensive one is nearer to the stage of course. I think these prices were the same for ONE OK ROCK’s Start Walking the World Tour in 2012. But of course that time the exchange rate was not as crazy as now.


Initially, before the announcement, I actually planned to attend their concert in Bangkok. A fellow UVERworld fan is also planning to go. Somehow a day before tickets for Bangkok show were released, they announced the show for Singapore.

Unfortunately for her, she had her flight, accommodation and leave application from work sorted out for Bangkok already! #dedication

After factoring the cost for transportation, accommodation, leave application and etc. I pretty much decided to go to Singapore.

So yeah, I’m going to see RADWIMPS in Singapore.

Really excited because they will be the 3rd Japanese band whose concert I have attended! :D

Buzz me if you’re going!

Details and ticketing for RADWIMPS Asia Tour 2017 in Singapore here. Or if you're interested in the one in Bangkok, here.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

March comes in like a lion


I can't believe it's already the 3rd month of 2017.

So updates updates..

Chinese New Year came and went. As usual I went back to my hometown. The only difference is we don't stay in our grandparents house anymore because our parents have their own place!

A place we can call home.

It feels good to be home, because the place that I'm currently staying with my sister doesn't feel like one.

Which comes to the 2nd update, which is we recently moved to a slightly cheaper place, and a bigger place. With help from a lot of people I will remember.

Anyways, we lost Tiger about a week after CNY holidays ended. He was already looking sick, but I'm happy that he got to see all of us for the last time. Even though I think I wasn't such a good parent to him, but it does make me happy that he showed some of his love towards me even when I don't layan him that much.

News on my favourite band, UVERworld!

Takuya is a father and Shintarou got married! Read here and the newspaper cutting which is from the link:


You can read Shintarou's message at their official website here, although there wasn't any 結婚 word in the article hmmm..

News on my other favourite band, RADWIMPS!

They recently announced an Asia tour for South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand! Two shows in Taipei and Seoul each! So jealous! Details at their official website~

I'm still undecided whether to go to the one in Bangkok since it's on a Thursday. Would love to go to either Seoul's or Taipei's shows but I need to save money for a trip to Singapore the month after.

Tickets for Bangkok's are priced at 2,200 baht each, which is a little bit less than RM300. I'll decide on the day it goes on sale on 1st April. 

I have many things to update but I can't put my words together..

But I'll try my best!

Til my next post then!

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

It's 2017 already!

Hello all, it’s the third day of 2017! I was thinking whether I should recap my 2016, but I can’t really remember much besides my obsession with RADWIMPS, though I must say, I would really like to cut down on the obsession.

Like seriously. :P

Did nothing much during the long weekend-I think I hibernated at home!

Had a short sad moment on the first day of 2017 when someone posted a news of Yojiro Noda dating Atsuko Maeda but then both parties denied through their Twitter accounts. I think he also felt a bit meh because the night before RADWIMPS performed at the 67th Kohaku Uta Gassen for the first time with 前前前世 (original version) and then at Countdown Japan 16/17 after UVERworld, on Earth Stage (my two favourite bands back-to-back eh hello why was I not in Japan?!) and of all things to be reported is a news of him dating instead of how awesome they were the night before.

Anyways, actually no harm in him dating. Even UVERworld's Takuya is married. Just that my 心 sure sakit sekejap. Haha.

You see now why I must cut back on the obsession?



I just want to be better than I was in 2016. I remember Flowsik said somewhere:

Better yourself every day

So I would very much like to do that.

Excited for what’s coming this year!

Hint: something to do with Japan and RADWIMPS. And weddings. Not mine though.

Note: I still can't find my camera -_- so my 2015 Japan trip posts can go down the drain for now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Starbucks Singapore 2017 Planner

The year is coming to an end, so I'm pretty sure you know what that means.

New planner/organizer/schedule books and the likes!

When I saw that Starbucks Malaysia is finally getting it's own Moleskine planner I was so darn excited!

A photo posted by Starbucks Malaysia (@mystarbucks) on

Like finally!

Somehow I was not keen on spending for the drinks - trying to cut down on drinking anyways. Not really fond of them when I flipped through the sample at one of the stores. So I went to Starbucks Singapore to check on their offering and yeap, they're having Moleskine planners too!

Got my brother to help me get it. I wanted either the geranium red or sapphire blue but he couldn't get it, so I was settled with a black one.

2016 calendar

2017 calendar

even 2018 calendar!

I like the fact that now instead of lumping the calendar in the pages at the front, they were all separated with writing pages! It's like they read my wish from my post on 2016 planner!

Oklah maybe they didn't but thought it out themselves LOL.

Every month it has different sort of themes for you to play with.

I like this! :D Planning to stick all my favourite stuff heehee

so pretty!

Also comes with a quality control/identification sticker! And also vouchers which I plan to give to my brother.

A little sneak on the pages as I'm too lazy to take photos of all of them.

I'm determined to use this as my journal to document my 2017 journey. I will try my best to make 2017 an exciting year not only for me, but my loved ones.

So many exciting things will be happening next year - weddings, new arrivals and Japan trip perhaps?

Stay tuned!