Well hello there interesting people. Thank you for dropping by my little humble blog. You can call me WeeN, and no, I am not in anyway associated with that band. I was given that name some time during secondary school, when the movie The Storm Riders came out.

I'm a Kelantanese Chinese, or better know as Peranakan Chinese. I can't speak Mandarin/Cantonese (to save my life but sometimes it's actually an advantage) and my Hokkien is a mixture of Thai and Malay LOL.

I love to eat. Hence, the random food photos.

I love traveling, and would love to be able to travel every year. I am particularly fond of Japan, though. It's a dream of mine to be able to visit Japan every year!

I'm a big fan of a Japanese band called UVERworld. And it's also one of the reasons why I want to go Japan every year - to catch their concerts!

My mind tends to wander off easily, so pardon me for any messiness. 

Thank you for your time and feel free to comment on my posts and also drop me an email at weenangeline@gmail.com!