Orange Range Stuff For Sale

Orange Range is Japanese band which I used to crazy about. I've moved on from them, hence am letting go of these. If you're interested, feel free to buzz me at

Terms and conditions apply.

  1. NATURAL live DVD (in Yokohama Arena) 2005
  2. musiQ  live DVD (in Makuhari Messe) 2005
  3. musiQ album (Taiwan version)
  4. NATURAL album (Taiwan version)
  5. Orange Range album (Japanese version, with DVD of MVs for Champione, Walk On, Un Rock Star, SAYONARA and special digest)
  6. Orange Range album (Taiwan version, bought in Singapore)
  7. Squeezed album (Taiwan version, bought in Singapore)
  8. SAYONARA single
  9. Un Rock Star single
  10. BLOOD ORANGE photobook
  11. Cheese, Butter and Juicymee photobook
  12. [Magazine] B-Pass January 2007 (Orange Range cover)
  13. [Magazine] BARFOUT December 2006 (Orange Range cover)
  14. [Fashion magazine] GET ON! January 2007 (Orange Range cover)
  15. [Instruments magazine] GiGS January 2007 (Orange Range cover, got stickers of their logo as well! ^^)

Will be updated with photos soon!