Thursday, April 12, 2012

Korean Dream Part 14 - Last Night in Seoul Spent High Up

After our very late lunch as an ending to our DMZ tour, we walked back (well, Wenzy wanted to ride the subway but James insisted we walk! haha) towards Myeongdong station to take the shuttle bus to N Seoul Tower.

Took some pictures while walking about.

not sure what we were pointing at

The Bank of Korea

we weren't allowed to take photographs near the building itself, so had to settle one further :(

The Seoul Central Post Office, awesome isn't it?

Walked towards Myeongdong station, when we saw a queue beside a truck. Not knowing what it was for, we joined the queue! :P

We saw a couple manning some "gadgets", something which looks like apam balik urmm.. maker? haha not sure what's the correct term.

But of course they weren't apam baliks.

Instead they were, urm.. how should I categorise them? BREAD? PASTRY? I dunno!

I'll call it crunchy round bread.

Which is hollow. And filled with cinnamon sugar.

Nice for a cold day. It's KRW600 (at that time) by the way, which is around RM1.80.

The bread truck is located in from of Lotte Supermarket. :)

Got to try the breaded sausage and the fries-covered sausage!

But truthfully, they were not fantastic tasting to me. Too bad.

oh how flattering -_-

Walked back out of Myeongdong station and waited at this opening where there is a pick-up shuttle bus to go to the N Seoul Tower. Had to wait quite a while but fortunately we got to feast our ears (and eyes) on a group who was performing and selling their CDs.

Didn't get the group name, but they were singing Christian songs and boy they really can sing! All four of them each have great voices and their harmonization were really good!

The guy in the shades is reallyreallyreally cute.

Should have gone and talked to themlah.


Actually we waited quite long for the bus. We didn't really know the bus schedules and were close to giving up until the bus came a few minutes to 1900 hours.

Bus took us up to where the cable car starts. It was really chilly and we were freezing!

The view on the way up was so beautiful, yet it brought sadness to me (I'm not sure about the other two). I was really not ready to leave, and my mind kept asking, "Is this really the last night? Is it really over?"

Time flew by too fast.

We reached the end of the ride and had to climb up some stairs. Imagine huffing and puffing and trying to climb up as fast as you can because the wind was blowing and chilling our butts up!

the N Seoul Tower

Decided to eat dinner first at this Chinese restaurant.


not sure if my szechuan noodles were actually szechuan noodles

Bought tickets, queued up for a while, and went up! Enjoy the pictures :)

Didn't stay too long because we were tired. And there was nothing much to do except to enjoy the view at more than 200 metres above the ground.

Happy girls with teddy bears at the Teddy Bear Museum. Hehe.

Took the shuttle bus back down and went back to the guesthouse. Packed and took my bath and was the first one to pass out because we had to finish whatever that was left in our fridge since we're checking out the next morning.

Basically this combination knocked me out. Almost made me paid Pakwan more than I should.

Although until today I still think that I DID NOT pay her that night!


And that was our last night in Seoul.

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