Wednesday, March 07, 2012


WeeN's note: Suddenly UVERworld's PANIC WORLD comes to mind. LOL. what I will tell people what to do if one day they get themselves locked inside a toilet.

Because I went through the whole ordeal and survived.






and oh, it was around 7.20.


WTF. And I was the last one to leave my unit.

I worked late after a whole day of brainstorming with my boss and colleagues and figured I had to at least document down the results of the discussion before I forget.

As usual before I left, like I always do, I would always go to our toilet, which is located outside.

We have our own key to the toilet - I locked up my office because I was leaving my bag and other stuff in it, and locked the office from outside to go into the toilet.

Now, we've always had problem with our toilet door - there were times that we couldn't open the door from the outside after unlocking with a key, but that usually gets solved after a few hard and soft turns.

That FATEFUL day when I closed the door I notice that it shut with a different click, it actually crossed my mind, "what if I can't get out?" but I went,

"Nah, impossible wanlah."

So much for being positive.

I turned the knob and pulled.

But the door wouldn't budge.


I pulled and pulled and pulled and realised..

"Wtf I'm trapped"

I started knocking, no banging the damn door with hopes that SOMEONE would hear me.

BUT HEY IT WAS 7.20PM, who would be in the right mind to be around the office at that kind of hour bengong much?

For a few milliseconds I panicked, and wanted to cry.

Then somehow it went through my mind,

"Don't be stupid and waste energy by crying you dumb girl"

So I went to the window which was opened a bit, and pushed.

And another damn thing happened.

The whole square-shaped glass with the frame dislodged itself and fell down.


I was hoping that someone would hear the drop but it was all silent.

what a surprise it's not shattered

Then I went back to the door and banged, kicked and banged and kicked.

Nothing happened.

Then I went back to the window, hoping that someone would pass by - didn't give a damn, director ka, guard ka, hantu ka..

I called out for help.

I didn't scream because it was a bit late in the evening and I reckoned that I would end up freaking myself out instead.

"Tolong, ada orang tak?"



Then I heard voices wtf. I called out louder, and a woman's voice replied!

I should have been scared but what the hell, it didn't matter, and a cleaner lady popped out from the balcony above.

Told her I got locked in and she with her friend quickly came down and asked me to pass the key below the door.

I did, and they tried to unlock the door from the outside but to no avail. Because obviously it wasn't the lock mechanism that was fucked up.

So she said she called someone from the service support unit. Thank goodness.

The uncle came and tried to push the door again for a few minutes, and then realised it was no use. He told me to wait for to get some tools. Before that he even had time to joke,

"You tunggu situla nanti saya bawa makanan dan air"


Thankfully he came back with the tools. Broke the whole knob and kicked the door open.


Felt bad because he was sweating a lot from all the hard work.

But thankfully I managed to get out in like, 15 minutes.

Thanked him and quickly gathered my things to go home before bumping into my subordinate who I told the whole story to.

And went home.

While laughing my ass off over the whole thing.

So lesson learnt from the whole incident:

Don't panic! And don't be scared to call out for help regardless of what time of the day it is!


Okeh end of lame story.

WeeN's end note: Photographs were taken the morning after the incident, thus the bright condition.

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