Thursday, March 08, 2012

Korean Dream Part 10 - Jogyesa Temple and Ssamziegil

WeeN's note: Would like to take this opportunity to wish UVERworld's guitarist and the youngest member, Akira, a Happy Happy Birthday!

28th September 2011
Jogyesa Temple, Gyeong-jidong, Jongno-gu

After visiting Gyeongbukgung, we walked (yes walked!) to Jogyesa Temple, a Buddhist temple located in Jongno.

Did nothing much except offered some prayers - wasn't sure if I was doing it the right way, but oh well. All I can say the main building was packed with a lot of older women praying, reading and chanting.

such a cute Buddha statue! I followed a lady who earlier put her amulet on the palm and prayed - put my wallet instead! LOL

bought these: gave the one on the right to mom while hung the other in my car for safety and guidance because i can be careless at times

Ssamziegil, Gwanhu-dong, Jongno-gu

Walked to Ssamziegil (quite a short walk, just had to cross the street towards the opposite side of Jogyesa and walked into an alley).


the directory - i like the rabbit caricature

there's no such thing as vandalism in Ssamziegil!

The whole Ssamziegil structure is actually a rectangular-shaped spiral. Not sure if you can see from the photo above but it's quite awesome. There's a lot of shops here - from accessories, clothes, cafes, arts and crafts, etc..

well we snapped, but didn't bother going to the shop. now I realised that there was a long queue into it during dinner.. hmmm..

cute evil cartoons

I want these for my garden! If I live in a huge houselah. But then again, I can have it INSIDE the house too right? :P

Headed to the basement level (can't remember whether it was B1 or B2) for dinner at this place called Korean Fusion Restaurant.

waiter helped to take this photo - after seeing us struggling to take our trio shot ourselves! *shy2*

what we ordered

first time coming across this bulgogi soup dish. Bulgogi is already sweet so it made the whole soup sweet! But still tasty yum yum


this fermented soy bean paste soup didn't go down well with the girls, but I liked it! Not sure why, but it tasted so good when I mixed a little bit of the soup with rice. Polished this off without any hesitation

a job well done!

After dinner, we walked out on the streets and went into a shop to buy souvenirs. Bought a lot from this uncle's shop who said he had been to Cameron Highlands somewhere in the 90s. Since we bought a lot from him, he gave us a small coin purse each! :D

Then we set off to Cheonggyecheon, which will be touched on my next post! Heehee.


  1. Korea is so beautiful! I like your blog. I will be often visit your blog. I want to go one day to Korea.

  2. Thank you Onihime. Yes, Korea is very beautiful, you should go and visit the country! Please share your experience when you do ok? :)


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