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Korean Dream Part 9 - The Gyeongbokgung

WeeN's note: OMG I don't how long I had this drafted. Bad blogger.

28th September 2011

From Myeongdong station (Line 4), we rode and changed into Line 3 at the Chungmuro station and rode all the way to Gyeongbokgung station.

We exited at Gwanghwamun Square because we wanted to have breakfast at Starbucks first before entering the palace.

I finally found Haechi!

This yellow/orange lion-like animal with wings is actually the mascot of Seoul. However, statues of Haechi can be found mostly in Seoul especially in palaces. Haechi symbolizes justice, and I remember reading in the souvenir shop that it also represents peace or something like that.

To know more about Haechi, click click!

super cute Haechi soft toys on display in the souvenir shop at Haechi Madang ! but I didn't buy any :'(

it's great that they have something where bikers can pull up/down their bikes instead of dragging them up/down. oh do you know that bikes are allowed on trains in Seoul? They even have designated areas on the train for bikes!

you will first reach Haechi Madang before reaching the square

this view is what you see when you exit Haechi Madang

Turn behind and you will see the statue of Admiral Yi Sun Shin

kindergarten kids on a school trip - lovin' their pink sweaters!

with the bronze statue of King Sejong

crossing the road to the other side to look for Starbucks

wah i risked my life taking this photo! a car could just bang me from behind

closer look of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin's statue

breakfast! I tried the white chocolate mocha and.. couldn't finish it. I guess it wasn't my cup of tea coffee. And why don't Starbucks in Malaysia sell these kind of wholesome sandwiches?!!

Starbucks kept us warm on a chilly morning :) but of course we had to brave the chills again to go to the palace

Sejong Museum of Art

i like the sculpture on the wall

they have a lot of this displays on the sidewalks

i can't remember what building this is, but if i'm not mistaken it's a police academy

The Gwanghwamun

The Guard-changing Ceremony, which happens every 15 mins or half-an-hour i can't remember


this is the cutest photo ever! so sweet..

We took part in the free English tour which occurs everyday at 11am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm. There are also Japanese and Chinese tours available.

this stone actually represents the location where a specific rank government official should stand during assembly with the King

with our guide, who Wenzy said sounded like a very cute GPS hahaha

the main assembly hall, Geunjeongjeon

this dragon image has 7 claws, up til now they are still searching for the meaning

the assembly hall which appeared in episode 4 of Deep-rooted Tree, where the scholars and officials had a debate in the presence of the King:

can't remember which episode this was, but it was when the Queen told the King how she saved Dam

these little statues on the roof of each building are so-called guardians to ward off evil

clock those days..

can you tell what time is it?

this building was actually burnt down during the Japanese occupation and was rebuilt. the painting that you see there is the original painting from the original building! :O

cute kicks

where the King had his meals


chimneys again

Our guide brought us to Amisan, the garden behind where the Queen resided, where it's supposed to be the most beautiful part of the palace. Unfortunately it wasn't the right season so she told us to "not be disappointed" haha

guy in pink shoes which we saw in Nami Island! :D what a surprise to see him heehee regret not going to talk to himlah

the last place we assembled before we were allowed to venture other parts of the palace on our own. that was when our guide announced that it was her last day working as a guide at the palace! no wonder she was carrying her own camera.. took a group photo before leaving

map of the palace

On our own escapade, we found this piece of greenery..

and of course, self-shots! Haha.. balancing Pakwan's camera on a trash can!

oh got extra "friend" LOL

really pretty pagoda on a lake (Hyangwonjeong), unfortunately we couldn't go and have a look. if you look properly a few long yards behind the pagoda before the mountain there is a part of a building being captured in the photo, which is jengjengjeng.. the Blue House! The Blue House (Cheongwadae) is the Korean president's office and official residence. If you watch City Hunter, you might have gotten glimpse of this place! :D

We backtracked on our way out and took more photos before leaving.

jumping photos junkie

Notice the uneven arrangement of the floor tiles? It's to prevent heat reflection directly being aimed to officials when they assemble, thus saving them from fainting/getting dizzy from all the heat.. hmm... something like thatla

final pic with a guard before leaving!

Had our late lunch at 4pm -_- we had trouble finding places to eat so when we stumbled on this cafe at cant-remember-what Hotel, we just went with it!

Before I end I shall leave you with a photo of Song Joong Ki in the King's outfit from a scene in Deep-rooted Tree.

I iz jealous of his milky, white, smooth skin

Next up: Jogyesa, Ssamziegil and Cheonggye-cheon? Gonna be a long one then! :P

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