Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Blabs #1/2012

Oh my how long have I not blogged?

(Well, a little bit more than a month, not that bad hor?)

Been busy:
  • downloading and watching Running Man
  • watching UVERworld videos, concert clips, over and over again
  • sleeping when bored
  • a little bit of work, got a presentation coming up in 9 days but HOLY SHIT I HAVEN'T PREPARED ANYTHING
  • battling a health issue but nothing biggy, it's just making me uncomfortable everyfreakingday
  • lusting over stuff I don't have -_-

  • Still got my Seoul post to finish up heehee. Anyway you can read the ones I posted up so far:

    Part 1: The Takeoff and Landing
    Part 2: The Packed Streets of Myeongdong
    Part 3: Hongdae and the first Dinner
    Part 4: Roaming aimlessly in Apgujeong
    Part 5: The Tree Street (Garosugil) and COEX
    Part 6: Lotte World
    Part 7: No Monday Blues in Seoul (Times Square)
    Part 8: Nami Island and Cookin' NANTA

    I think I need to wrap up my Seoul posts soon. Haha. It's getting boring. But when I look back at all the photos, it brings back good memories.

    Can't wait for my next destination. :)

    Hope all will go well.

    Now if only I can stop procrastinating dammit.

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