Monday, May 16, 2011

Taiping. Port Dickson. Malacca.


My cousin decided to hold his daughter's full moon on a weekend even though she had not reached the age of one month since his holiday was finishing so we decided to go celebrate!

Left around 0800, stopped by Taiping for Ipoh Nga Choy Kai (bean sprouts chicken) at the restaurant beside Lou Wong.

Reached Taiping around 1400, rested and went "oooooohhh" and "ahhhhhhhhh" over baby Alyssa (yup, that's her name) at Ah Sou's house before my cousin and his wife took us to have some seafood in Kuala Sepetang! :D

clockwise from top left: honey-coated baby squids (very tough and chewy, me no likey), fried baby crabs (yum, good as evening snacks by the beach), kam heong crabs (mmmm..) and boiled cockles (no comment, I don't really eat)

My cousin helped us book two rooms for the night, I must say Legend Inn was good.

our deluxe room, which was less than RM120, comes with a queen-sized bed and a single bed. Got fridge, water boiler, bathroom equipped with heater too.


next day on Mother's Day, we were taken to Restoran Kakak for brunch, for simple yet satisfying noodle soup!

Wanted to buy some peng (biscuits) so he brought us to a shop when I saw this:


Went to say bye-bye to Alyssa before leaving:

missing her already :(

Alyssa's cousin, Isabel (not sure of the spelling)


Sent my sister to Selama so that she can ride with her friend back to university. So paiseh her friend's father treated us to a late lunch!


Yet another kursus. I think I already have a total of more than 10 hari berkursus, more than what is required. Funny that I did not have to apply for any of them.

Stayed in Ancasa Allsuite Resorts off Teluk Kemang, in a 2-bedroom apartment unit. The unit is nice but I'm sooo disappointed with the food prepared for us. If only cooking was allowed in the unit. Pfft.

I'm not gonna go on about the course, nothing fantastic/awesome. Made me more stressed gotlar. >:(

Went to the PD Ostrich Farm!

Ostrich satay. The meat's red and a lil flaky. And no, it doesn't taste like chicken. Nothing special, won't eat again I guess.

this huge iguana kept looking at people! I swear its eyes kept following every direction we went!

Had a tayar pancit (inflated tire) episode after meeting Wen Zhen for lunch in PD Town. I headed back to where my colleagues were and thank goodness for the two men there. Mwahaha.

the damage. *sighs*

(horrible-quality pictures from now onwards because I used my phone)

Right after PD I went to my aunt's place for the weekend. Did nothing much but brought my cousins out cause they were so excited to see me, which reminds me, I need to go see them often.

Haagen-Dazs at Hatten Square

They brought me to a Japanese restaurant in Mahkota Parade called Siparaku, which has a buffet-concept next to it. Since the youngest of the lot wanted to eat kao rou (grilled meat), we went into the restaurant instead.

edamame beans served as appetiser, even if you didn't order. Don't be fooled, it's NOT free. Pfft.

baby octopus, yum!

chicken bibimbap, VERY different than Korean bibimbap ya?

some unagi maki thingie. not fantastic.

grilled Australian sirloin! Good, but the hot rock does not last long, when we wanted to grill our second batch it took longer to cook :(

beef sukiyaki. It was okay, I dislike the fact that they dumped the beef strips straight into the hot pot. Hmmph.

Pricing-wise, it's like the ones in KL. But the food is mediocre. I might try the buffet side next time I go. And I'm planning to bring them to the Japanese restaurants here.

Got superexcited when I saw this poster of Sandara for Etude House so I just had to take a photo. This outlet's ambassador is Sandara, I'm not sure about the KL ones though. I knew when 2NE1 started endorsing Etude House products, the outlets in KL still used Lee Minho and Park Shin Hye, but they did bring some stuff that the girls promote. So what a delight to see one of the girls being the main attraction.

"sui lai de? sui lai de? Ce Angeline de ming xing shi ma?"
(my pinyin should be incorrect, but I hope you understand)

That's all. I need to recharge at home to get back to work this Wednesday. Hopefully I'm gonna be better at my job and enjoy it more!

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