Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Blabs #3/2011

Oh hi there! Miss me?


I haven't been blogging for quite a while, was a bit bogged down with work. Not to the extreme of doing work at home though. I did try bringing work back home with me but as always I'll be too tired to do it after dinner. So I'd usually end up bathing and then going to sleep, setting my alarm 2-3 hours earlier before my usual day.

But of course, snooze snooze snooze.

Now I'm a bit free, we are heading to get a certificate in September, and the auditing date is set on a day which I'm supposed to be in Korea.

YES, I'm going to Korea! 7 nights! SEVEN NIGHTS ya hear me????!!!


I haven't applied for my leave yet, and I haven't inform the head of the committee in charge of preparations for the certification that I won't be around at that time. Sucks being in charge of promotion when my own work is crazy, but i'll do everything before I leave and pass them all to someone.

Right now I'm trying my best not to take anymore off-days so my holiday will be justified.


Oh, I'm getting a new supervisor. MY FOURTH DIRECT SUPERVISOR is already here but he'll be taking over next week? So.. my current one got a good offer to go somewhere soooooo... SEE WHAT I MEANT ABOUT BRINGING PEOPLE LUCK???!!! (please refer here)

When is MY golden opportunity coming? :(


Will be going to watch BEAST for the 3rd time!

for more info please visitStar Planet

This is a part of their 1st Fanmeeting Asia Tour, I'm not sure if they're gonna do other stuff besides performing because my sister and my cousin went to the U-KISS one and they got to urm, high-five with the boys!

So I hope the same thing will happen cause I missed an opportunity of seeing them very, very, very close last time so heehee.

WTF I'm such a fangirl. Funny thing is initially I didn't want to go because I needed to save for Korea but I was so stressed about work that I needed to have fun.

Bought the cheapest ticket!


Just finished watching My Princess starring Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun.

Didn't expect to enjoy it so much that I finish 16 episodes in less than a week! :D

The last show I watched Kim Tae Hee on was IRIS, where she played an agent, all serious and all. But in this drama, she's like 180 degree different! So bubbly, so joyful and when she cries... :'(
I'm so in love with Song Seung Hun's character, Diplomat Park Hae Young, who is the grandson of the man who wants to restore the Imperial Family back into Korea. Some of his lines are a bit creepy-crawly-cheesy and when he's a jerk at times, he'll make you feel like slapping him, BUT BUT he's so.............. *dreamy sigh* the way he cares for the princess... ahhhhhh..

I wonder if such a character exist in Malaysia' own Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Got ah?



I need to lose weightfats.

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