Friday, May 06, 2011

The Blabs #2/2011

[When I drafted this I was down south, took a few (lonely) nights to edit my photos, and now I'm back home already LOL]

Am currently blogging from my sister's laptop, at one of my department's branches down south. This is the third course I'm attending this year, with one being completed last Friday.

Driving alone gets a bit lonely, but nothing beats getting to stay a room by your own self! Although I wish they would have given me an executive room at least, oh well.. but the darn fridge has to be brokenla now! :/

Though I'm glad that they scrapped off the night classes, it's getting boring if only I could drive back to KL and back. Or maybe at least Melaka. Went out with my clerks for grocery shopping at Kluang Mall damn sad weh.

GAH! *pulls hair*

Oh well, pictures from from my recent trip/course in Melaka!

Stayed in a one-bedroom apartment in Mahkota Hotel Melaka, situated just behind Mahkota Parade, which is beside Mahkota Medical Centre.

the living room, and my colleague

the kitchen

I don't get this, why have a kitchen then??

the bedroom

the bathroom

the pose-with-mirror photo heehee

Obviously we had to go to Jonker Walk..

Paid RM5 for parking, walked around but couldn't see much since it was already 6pm and most of the shops were closed *sniffs* oh nyonya cendol my love..

my lusting-for-nyonya-cendol face

Hotel swimming pool! If only I could jump into it..

sucky bread pudding, but lovely cheese tartlets

Went on the Taming Sari which costs Malaysians RM15 when you flash your IC, sorry not much good photos from high up..

Dataran Pahlawan/Pahlawan Mall

[Okeh that's it I'm tired. Will be off to Taiping tomorrow in the morning to see this beautiful baby!]


  1. LOL at the 'strictly no cooking in hotel room' xDDDDDDDDDD

  2. @YiZuan: Right?? it's very funnyleh! Like, what's the point of putting the stove there? haha

  3. haha! you just HAD to put up those blurry pics eh?

    btw, PSA: kristen and i will be heading to KL on july 1-3. *woot!*

  4. @Felicity: haha yes! i just had to! they should have stopped the thingie for twirling so that people can get good photos!

    And hurray for KL trip! I hope that we can meet up!


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