Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Blabs #2/2012

Wow it's almost half a year but this is the only second edition of The Blabs for 2012?

I must have ran out of things to say.

Or maybe I'm just busy blabbing about other things.


Russell Peters Notorious 2012 World Tour

Now. How did I end up watching this comedian when I have not even heard ANY of his stuff?

Well, when Malaysia was all abuzz about his show in Malaysia, I was one of the few who was like, "Oh-kaaayyy, is this dude famous?"

I mean, I've heard the name Russell Peters, and I know he's a comedian or some sort, but I didn't know his jokes. The only famous Russell I knew was obviously Russell Brand.

*smacks head*

One day I met up with my friends for dinner, Wai Loon really wanted to go but he had no one to go with. Then Pak Wan mentioned she and JY are planning to go, so they told me to come along and give Russell's jokes a try.

So I thought, "Why notlar, I could do some laughter"

So went tried to get the tickets to the 12th May show, which was the initial date. Couldn't get the tickets because the seats that we wanted were all sold out and we didn't want to buy the expensive ones.

Left it at that until I read in the news that Russell added another show in Malaysia, a day earlier!

Told my friends and I was arranged to go and line up for the tickets the day they go on sale.

But I didn't go, because we had Pak Wan's friend help to buy!


So yesterday we went, and I gotta thank Pak Wan and Wai Loon for recommending me to go.

pan mee (mian fen gui form) in soup at Loving Mee, Glenmarie

Because I can't remember the last time I laughed this much!

one excited fella

I mean, the dude was damn good! His jokes were a bit racist, or country-ist to be exact, but he really knows how to make people laugh. He insults people like nobody's business, some of the audience were victims.

Like Mr. Fizz or whatever his name, the (cute) dude with and angel and Tweety bird tattoos wtf, the French guys, the Scottish, the Nigerian.. ohmygod I can't remember how many times I cringed and smacked my head. I think if they could they would have smacked him good.

Towards the end of the show, he made me laughed until my stomach hurt at the climax where he was telling how his father's thick Indian accent has not gone any thinner even after years of moving to Canada.

"I was making THE turn" (said this with the rolled Ts)
"What do you mean? Are you making A turn?"
"The turn was there! I was making it!"

After his father uses some Indian-ish sounds to describe the conditions of his car and made him say:

"Dad, your car is an illegal immigrant"

I love it how he made jokes about his dad, his Indian accent is actually good. No wait, I think all his imitations of other countries accents are good! His facial expressions are hilarious as well!

Man. What a night.

First Passport Renewal Experience

I used the kiosk! :D

I went to the Kelana Jaya Immigration office, which is very near my place. Reached there at 8.20am and saw a line I almost got a shock.

Lined up for 10 minutes, but the line was moving fast too, until we realised that the queue for the kiosk started inside the office!

Rushed inside and lined up for some 50 minutes before me and my cousin went into a room where there were two machines. Did our things, which took less than 10 minutes (I was impressed, but I had issue where the machine didn't accept one of my notes! :S)

Though I wouldn't say that it was a bad experience, but I changed my mind in renewing my passport for 2-year to 5-year period in an instant when I lined up for the kiosk!

Got the receipt which stated that we should go to the counter 1 or 2 to get our number after an hour, so we had breakfast at a mamak nearby.

After an hour, went back inside the office to get our numbers, and that was when my horror began.

My cousin was able to get her number, but when I pass the officer my receipt, she handed me back and said, "Belum lagi (not yet)"

I was dumbfounded and wondered what it meant. The clock on the wall at the office clearly showed that it was already an hour since I was issued the receipt.

Then I was told by a lady that they would issue the numbers by batches.

In a span of 30-minutes, I was denied a number for four times! :S

Oh boy.

By that time a lot of people were getting impatient, but things luckily didn't turn for the worst. The officer was obviously getting anxious and panicking, I pitied her. Everyone was crowding her counter since she was the only one issuing numbers :P

When I got my number, I got the 35th turn. Almost got a heart attack because I already waited more than an hour, but since the passport collecting turns moved quite fast - like less than 5 minutes per turn, I managed to get mine at 11.40am.

But still, I spent almost 4 hours to get my passport renewed.

Thank goodness I chose the 5-year one.

The Avengers

I watched it twice, once in the normal version and once in the 2D version.

I'm gonna go watch again, to treat my youngest sister. :D

Jeremy Renner, why you so yummeh?

Any Tony Stark's sarcastic lines are a joy to listen to.


very unique combination! but it will only taste good if the penne is not too soft

the chicken is good, but i'm not fond of the sambal

new car from Malaysia's first carmaker! Me no like the butt!

I love this! I'm glad it's back, so gonna savour it while it's around

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