Monday, May 07, 2012

The Plan That Was

Let's see.

Today is May 7th, 2012.

At 0820 hours, I am supposed to be on the AirAsia X flight D7 534, flying to Japan. If the flight goes well (i.e. no delay, good weather), I will arrive at the Kansai International Airport (KIX) at 1545 hours.

Then I will roam around Osaka, venturing not very far from main train stations, so that I will be able to board my midnight bus which I booked (and paid!) on March 25th, 2012 at Kyoto station, to Hiroshima, dropping me at Fukuyama station on May 8th, 2012 at 0500 hours.

Then I will be venturing around near the station, familiarising myself with the surroundings, and smile like a stupid idiot because, oh well, I AM IN JAPAN! After grabbing breakfast/brunch/lunch, I will be making my way to Rihga Royal Hotel.

If I am allowed to check in, which I hope I will be, I will take a shower, jump on the bed and sleep until.. maybe 1500 hours?

If I'm not, then I will leave my bags and walk around the area, but I am not supposed to go far you see. I'm tired, and I'm supposed to freshen up for that night.

Because at ALSOK Hall, UVERworld will be having their concert.

And I will be there, watching TAKUYA∞, Katsuya, Akira, Nobuto and Shintarou strut their stuff. I will scream/shriek/squeal in admiration at Akira's amazing guitar skills, and blush at Katsuya's smiles. And get stoned when TAKUYA∞ lift up his shirt to show his abs, and wonder at Nobuto's facial expressions. I will most definitely salute Shintarou's drumming skills. My jaws will be dropping everytime the two guitarists (Akira & Katsuya) play their guitars at the neck, my favourite moves from them.

I will get superexcited when they play their latest songs, and will attempt to whistle to 7th Trigger. I will dance to UNKNOWN ORCHESTRA, and also to スパルタ, banging my head and wince if there are fireworks being blown up. Then I will cry when they play CHANCE!, the song that made me love them, and tear up at the very sweet MONDO PIECE and then go all mushy at 君のすきなうた. And then sing along will all my pride to CORE PRIDE.

I will party, dance and sing hard, maybe make some friends, and then go back to the hotel will all the tour goods that I have purchased before entering the hall. I will sleep after taking a good bath, and smile before sleeping, replaying the magical night in my head. I am pretty sure one of the members saw me. Right? Right?

I will then have a great sleep.

And then I will gear up for my 12-day adventure in Hiroshima, Osaka and Kobe, including another UVERworld concert scheduled in the Kobe International House on May 17th, 2012, before flying back to Malaysia on the 2315 AirAsia X flight D7 537 on May 18th, touching down at the LCCT at 0500 hours on May 19th, 2012.

BUT OF COURSE, due to some circumstances, the plan is not materialising.

Today, on May 7th, 2012, I will instead, be attending a meeting with my boss at 0820 hours. At 1545 hours, I will still be at the same meeting location, for a follow-up meeting.

At May 8th, 2012, instead of being in Hiroshima, I will either be a) watching UVERworld videos on my laptop, or b) tossing and turning in bed, thinking of where I could have been, and what I could have been doing. If I'm tired I will sleep early instead.

No 12-day adventure in Hiroshima, Osaka and Kobe as planned.


I've got to give myself credit for planning, but because I couldn't get tickets to the Hiroshima and Kobe shows, I have abandoned my plans, and cancelled my leave. I figured, no point in going if I can't go to the concert. What do I do, stand outside the hall and enjoy the concert from the outside?

Bitch please. Why should I torture myself that way?

But then I found out I could have still made it, but it was a little too late, since I've changed my flight.

Yeah you're reading it right.

I changed my flight and my plans.

And I am hoping they will go well.

to pacify myself for now


  1. angeline!! when are u going to japan??!!! are u going alone?

    1. Yes! :D Yup, I am going on my own! :O

    2. eh. I'm going on 16th June!


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