Saturday, May 05, 2012

Wesak 2012

This year's Wesak has been an interesting one for me. One month before the day itself, I started a meat/poultry fast, limiting myself to seafood for 3 weeks, which was fine enough because it was a good excuse for me to eat sushi and sashimi everyday!

But the final week I pushed myself and became vegetarian.

It was crazy! :S

I've done vegetarian after getting my STPM results and that went well, but this time, I kept longing for all the meat/poultry I could have, the KFCs, juicy steaks and salmon belly and soft-shelled crab..

Tomorrow would be my last day though. One more day to go!

As usual we went to Chetawan Thai Buddhist Temple located in Jalan Gasing, PJ, which is near the Taman Jaya LRT Station.

This year it was only me, my sister and my mom! Dad was in Bangkok, sister in UUM while brother in Singapore.


Unlike the previous years, we went before noon, and it wasn't as packed. I guess the gloomy weather had caused people to put off their plans on going to temple early.

Prayed, bumped into a colleague and bought some food before going home.

And that was Wesak 2012 for me!

Quite boring huh?

I wanted to snap more photos, but the heat was killing me and I was quite cautious with all the burning jossticks around me XP

Then attended an ex-neighbour's wedding. Met up with most of my ex-neighbours. All the uncles and aunties were asking when my turn will be.

I didn't even get asked this much during my cousin's wedding!

Chill people CHILL!

I've got so many nonsenses I would like to do before sharing my life with someone so, let me do my nonsenses first ya? Unless I managed to find someone who's willing to do the same nonsenses that I wanna do.


Cat photos!

Mom gave the mother cat the name "kelam-kabut" or chaos because, since she was a kitten, everytime she sees us she would go crazy and just run around our legs and all

Initially we thought the kittens were Tiger's, but somehow looking at them, I am not at all convinced.


Naughty pussy.

This particular one was so cute - when it saw us, it went all manja and starting all cute, trying to get our attentions :D

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