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The Emperor's New Clothes - UVERworld's version

I am pretty sure we are familiar of the story about an emperor who was made to parade himself in front of his people, naked, after being deceived by a tailor (or two?).

Of course I can't really remember the details that much, but it had always provided me with much laughter. I mean, how can an emperor be so stupid?

An emperor, or a king, is supposed to be the wisest man in a country (or so we believe when we were younger, because princesses' fathers are always so awesome and if they died it would usually be in an honourable way)

As I grow up, the tale sort of fade away - it wasn't something that I remember as much as Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel until recently.

By UVERworld.

Yeah, you read this right, by a Japanese band.

In the band's 21st single, 7th Trigger, the famous tale is reignited back in the second track with the title バーベル~皇帝の新しい服ver.~ (Barbell ~ The Emperor's New Clothes version~)

Obviously the first time I heard it I didn't know what it was all about. But their staff kept mentioning about the song on his twitter, asking stuff like, "do you know about The Emperor's New Clothes?" "Takuya wrote something about that" and etc. So I made the connection. But interestingly, he mentioned that Takuya wrote it in a way that the Emperor wanted to show off his muscles, that's why he wore the invisible clothes.

And I went, "What? Hmmm. Interesting."

The music video was the last to be released among the three tracks off the single, and it came with subtitles.. in Japanese. Only after that, it was announced that there will be English subtitles as well, sending the overseas and non-Japanese-speaking UVERfans into a frenzy.

When it was released, I finally understood the story, and couldn't stop laughing at some parts!

I mean, I thought it was a serious song but the lyrics.. hahaha

So since I am so rajin (hardworking), I made screencaps of the video.

Please be awed at my devotion towards the band.


Disclaimer (especially for Sony Music Japan, gr8! records, UVERworld and those involved in the making, production or whatever process involved in making the video and song): I am a fan of UVERworld. I don't claim the video to be mine. I think Jack Lee Randall is awesome in doing this. I mean his patience and creativity in drawing all the details and cutting them out. As I mentioned before, you can see the making footage here. So I'm just sharing his work, and UVERworld's work as well! :)

The two fellas beside him are so cute with those eyes!
evil-looking man! with a cunning-looking nose! hmmph!
Dude, how the heck would I know?
When I saw this I immediately laughed! I didn't expect the lyrics meant this! Seriously! What a self-centered emperor!
What the..
So basically, this is UVERworld's "twist" to the Hans Christian Andersen-tale:

The emperor actually knew that the cunning tailor was lying to him about the whole awesome-clothes-which-are-invisible-to-stupid-people story. But he still wore them because it was the perfect opportunity for him to show off his hard-earned muscles!

I want the dumbbell!
O.M.G. Body-building competition lah now?

But obviously the stupidest one is still him isn't it? I mean, to the people, he will still be seen as the stupid emperor who is conned. Why?
The members! Pretty sure the one with the guitar is Akira, while the tallest is Shintarou and second tallest is Nobuto. Now, the two short ones are definitely Takuya and Katsuya! XD I think the one with the arm up is Katchan!

Because his people never knew that he the reason why he went out parading naked was because he wanted to show off his muscles! To them, "oh God, this emperor has been conned! But nevermind, as his loyal subjects, we shall not embarrass him! Let's just praise him and hope he comes back to his senses! If not we don't need him at all!"

wah, and that makes you smarter i suppose?
Thank goodness you don't!

"I can't handle this bullshit no more"
GOAT! Heehee
sharp nose = Shinchan?
major ewwwwww

So, the end?

Haha. I'm not sure what to make of this song. But as usual UVERworld's songs usually have meanings behind them. 

How do I like this song? Well, the only parts that I don't like is when Takuya does the rough-voice parts, but the chorus i awesome! But I don't think the ending suits.

Oh well.

I wanna hear this live! Heehee.

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