Sunday, March 25, 2012

First granddaughter gets married.

WeeN's note: I actually completed this post - took me 5 days to do it, and after I published it, the whole post was in codes, codes and nothing but codes. Even the photos. It was fine when previewed, but after publishing it just went off. Spoiled my mood. PFFT.

My maternal grandparents first granddaughter (my cousinlah) got married recently.

And the second granddaughter is.. ME.


No pressure whatsoever.


Took the train to go back, since I didn't want to drive. Driving back to Kelantan is always a tiring affair for me, and some of the roads usually does harm to my car's suspension system, so I'll save driving back for Chinese New Year holidays.

The train we took was called Senandung Wau, and true to its name, it was a WOW experience.

We didn't reach at 0903 hours like the ticket stated. Instead we reached 1.5 hours later. The train stopped quite for some time at some destinations I'm not sure why.

To make matters worse, our bunk beds (the last tickets!) were located next to the joint for two coaches, and also the toilet. So it was a really bumpy ride. I kept bouncing up and down, left and right, even as I was lying down!

So much for wanting to take care of my car.

Reached my grandparents' home, chit-chatted with grandma for a while before bathing to go to my cousin's house, which is less than 100m behind my grandparents.

buffet spread, self-cooked by relatives


finally got to meet my cousin's daughter, Eunice. She's almost 5 months old, and this is me trying my hands at feeding a baby. I had done this before but somehow I felt awkward. Even my colleague said I look awkward!

with my good friend, Darren ^^

the cup-washing crew

the couple: Kelantanese + Sarawakian


Was starving by the time I did my job as a server, cup washer, photographer, dish collector, finally went to have dinner and piled up on the good food!

this is how I gain weight everytime I balik kampung

Lazed around until the whole event ended haha.

My cousin mentioned that she wanted songs to be played during her wedding, and some of us singing for her. Unfortunately the karaoke set only came out towards the end of the event LOL

setting up

Fish Leong, Jay Chou, English songs, all covered

Karaoke session didn't last long though, because we had to prepare for the next day.

Angry Kid wears Angry Birds

The next morning the couple set out to the temple in Pasir Mas to do some prayers (I was still sleeping I think haha)

Then they came back to my grandparents' house to offer prayers to ancestors.

Then off they went to my cousin' maternal grandparents' hometown while we headed to my cousin's place to wait for them.


what is this i don't even


we wondered who they were offering prayers for. Then we found out during the tea ceremony that it was for my cousin's great grandparent. During the tea ceremony the spirit of the ancestor went into the uncle's body so that he/she can drink tea served by the couple! :O

don't think he'll be smiling anymore after the tea ceremony

kids nowadays

Tea ceremony starts with grandparents,


and then other relatives.

The bride threw her bouquet of flowers! Haha

the next one in line?

Then it was the unmarried ones' turns to serve tea. Not sure if this tradition exists, the first time I did it was during my uncle's wedding.

me gots angpao. me happy. me no worry. no need to marry (for now).

ini gaya mana dia belajar saya pun tidak tahu

(currently the youngest) Eunice wants a piece of the action too!

the Angry Birds crew

I'm so happy for my cousin that she's taken the next step of her life, and I wish her and her husband all the happiness in the world.

As for me, my time has not come yet. Maybe it's because I'm currently not involved with anyone, but at times I think it's because I need to sort my life out first before sharing it with anyone.

I might eat my words though.


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