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Korean Dream Part 12 - Splurging at Paju Premium Outlets

29th September 2011
Paju Premium Outlets, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

We must have been the most excited over this place. Obviously our mission was to spend whatever hard-earned money we had before going for a long long long fast.

From Myeongdong station, ride on and change into Line 2 at Dongdaemun Stadium station, go all the way to Hapjeong. Take the Exit 2 to the bus stop and take bus no. 2200.

No worries if you can't read the stops above, because when you reach Paju Premium Outlets, it will be announced in English! So yay!

It was a rainy day.. *cues One Way's Rainy Days*

sitting back and relaxing, saving energy

It was the best bus ride ever during my entire trip in Korea.

Although the weather was a bit gloomy, it wasn't sad kind of gloomy. Instead it was really peaceful.

And seeing the greenery made me wanna move to Paju and just stay there for the rest of my life.

Not sure how would it be during summer though. :P

we're here!

no worries if you have a wet umbrella, this thingie provides plastic wrappers for your umbrella so you can carry it around when you shop without worrying about wetting everything! That's my RM9 Crocodile umbrella bought from Family Mart. Or whatever mart it was

Headed to the food court for breakfast first.

I like how the food court works. Basically you go to a counter which has all the menus for the stalls, order and pay before you are given this numbering device.

When your order is ready the device will vibrate and you can get your order at the stall. Awesome hor?

i ordered some spicy vegetable soup. didn't like the side dishes in the middle which was some type of seaweed

Pakwan's bibimbap

making use of the wifi to tweet LOL

Went into COACH first but decided not to buy anything yet because I wanted to check out MCM and Bean Pole. Didn't find anything nice in MCM outlet (saw some nice stuff at Lotte Department Store though.. grrr.. now I want something from MCM!) but went crazy in Bean Pole because some of the stuff we on 30%-40% discount. Heehee.

swipe, swipe, swipe

Bean Pole is a Korean brand btw. I first heard of it when BIGBANG's GD was chosen as its spokeperson. Ever since then I started targeting some Bean Pole stuff to buy before I left for Korea.

Initially I wanted something from its Celtic line, but I ended buying other stuff hohoho.

inside this bag, there's only one thing for me! others were gifts wtf

Decided to split up and go our own ways for one hour.
Then met up in COACH, where I got myself my first COACH bag. Because the bag I was carrying during the trip was falling apart. So what else to do but buy? *grins*

Went back to the food court for late lunch at around 4pm something. Decided to eat before leaving.

Wenzy's spicy seafood noodle, which was the same meal she had earlier. the mussels and prawns were huge and very fresh!

I had the same thing as well. Spicy soup on a cold day beats everything else!

what a cute police car!

We decided to leave before the sun sets because, well it was almost an hour journey from Myeongdong and we were broke didn't want to spend anymore.

We went back to the streets of Myeongdong, and guess where we ended in?

YEAH WE WENT INTO BEAN POLE STORE because I had to buy my bag. Haha. Weakling. Scroll down towards the end to see what I bought!

On the way back to the guesthouse we tapau-ed (packed) dinner. We passed this store everyday and night and it would always give out good smell so we ended up buying some chicken for supper.

consumed with some alcohol we got from the many convenient stores near the guesthouse (there are 3 by the way)

fried chicken

spicy fried chicken, not that spicy

Now, I shall unveil my purchases!

these were gifts for my mom (the long wallet), my cousin (the red one) and my sister (the blue one)

I was eyeing this bag from the Celtic line actually:

or something similar

but in the end i got something like this:

this is one of the latest design, mine has zippers at both sides for expansion

And for wallet. I wanted a zip-up one from the Celtic line in brown. The funny thing was, when I went to pay at the counter together with the bag I saw the pink one below behind the counter and asked the sales assistant to have a look at it.

I fell in love with the light pink shade and ran to the two girls to show them, and Pakwan, without any hesitation said, "Get this one"

And that was how I ended up with a pink wallet. And discarding the things that I actually planned to buy for other stuff.

My friends have great convincing abilities eh?

And this red one was bought at the Bean Pole store in Paju Premium Outlets.

Not sure what am I gonna do with two wallets. Am currently using the pink one.

What I bought from lesportsac in Paju Premium Outlets:

a purse for younger sis and the two others are mine, which is stashed somewhere in my cupboard wtf.

I still long for the tokidoki range of lesportsac bags, but I'm not sure where to find them. The are sellers selling at ebay but somehow, I don't trust?


Am on shopping ban now, fyi.

Huu huu.

Next up is about our experience in the DMZ half-day tour!


  1. Hi,I bumped into your blog while searching for Paju Premium Outlet.May I know the Bean Pole retail price & the price at the outlet.Like the bag u bought,may I know the price.I'm thinking of getting one but I have no idea what the price range is.Thank you.

    1. Hello there!

      I'm not sure if the bag is already available at the outlet, but it's been a year since the line was released, so it might be! :) anyways, the stuff at the outlet were around 30%-40% off when we where there..

      I think the pricing range is about: RM1200 - RM1800 at the store

      Here's the link to the website: so that you can get a rough idea of the prices

  2. Hello. I am planning to go Korea for about 12-14days in September for a full shopping trip. Ok and maybe some amusement parks and sight seeing.
    May I know, how much money would you recommend to bring over for shopping?
    Haha, I have quite bad money management, so I am asking around to see how much I should bring over.
    Thank You (:


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