Sunday, October 12, 2014

Unboxing: UVERworld KING'S PARADE Nippon Budokan 2013.12.26 DVD

WeeN's note: I realised that this unboxing photos are not as nice as my previous. I was in a rush, and I took them when I got home from work (bai bai natural light) but I couldn't few more days because I wanted to watch the DVD so badly. :P

Finally I'm back with an unboxing post!

My last UVERworld DVD was their documentary DVD, THE SONG and I missed out on their KING'S PARADE Zepp Divercity 2013.02.28 because I was broke #fml

So I thought this time I wouldn't miss out on their latest DVD from last year's Nippon Budokan concerts.

As usual I got mine from CDJapan, my trusted source for UVERworld stuff.

As you can see from here and my previous posts, CDJapan's packaging is just.. so detailed. From sturdy boxes, poppers, papers.. sometimes I really get annoyed because I wouldn't know what to do with all the materials after unboxing my things.

Of course I could reuse, but I don't send things that often so..

I bought the limited version one, which comes with a photobook.

FYI, the concert is named KING'S PARADE because the target audience is male fans. Therefore, tickets for the arena and lower floors are reserved for males, while the higher floors are for females.

Gah! Brings back memories of this

sexy back

the DVD

Did I forget to mention that it comes with a poster?

UVERworld is now a 6-member band

As much as this DVD excites me because of tracks from their new album, their 2011 Premium Live on Xmas DVD is still no. 1 on my favourite UVERworld live DVD list!

Of course the DVD has its own highlights - drums galore during Wizard CLUB and DEJAVU.

Lovin' the coordination

Always amazed with this band because they're always trying out new things. Such a pity that 別世界 wasn't performed like how they did for the Avaco Studio one. I think it would be fantastic if Takuya∞ played his.. whatever-you-call-it (looks like a music gadget/manipulator) alongside the others.


MONDO PIECE was such a touching performance. Kudos to the fans who actually banded together to enjoy the song.


More caps after the jump!


My guitar goat God, my guitar hero

Some caps from QUEEN'S PARTY, which was held the night before on Christmas. From CHANCE performance! :D

A must. I want these thingies too!

And wanna know why were these girls' expression like this?

It's because they performed 君の好きなうた!

Aww... I know I would too..

I can't wait to attend another UVERlive!

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