Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Unboxing: THE SONG

WeeN's note: Nevermind that this took some time to be posted. I was busy with nonsense as usual. Actually I finished blogging this, but I'm not sure why didn't I publish it. Oh wells.

This has got to be the most anticipated release by UVERworld for me.

THE SONG is the band's first documentary film, directed by Teppei Nakamura, and was released in Japan cinemas on August 28th, 2012.

The film was then released (to the delight of those who didn't manage to watch the film, especially those living outside Japan. I'm not sure if there were actually fans who flew to Japan for it :O) on April 17th, 2013 in DVD and Blu-ray.

Didn't expect it to arrive on the day itself! But I wasn't around when the delivery man came so I had to go and picked it up from the Pos Laju office the next day. :P

You wouldn't believe how big my smile was that evening after work. I was beaming with happiness!

I have been waiting for this film ever since it was announced for release in DVD and Blu-ray. I didn't have any hesitation, ordered straight from CDJapan when it was published.

pop! pop!
It comes with a poster as well!

But I the thing that excited me and other non-Japanese-speaking fans as well is that the availability of English subtitles for the film!

Awesome or what?

None of my DVDs (Orange Range or UVERworld) had subtitles. I mean I understand if concert DVDs don't have (gosh the meaning of song can go wrong if not subbed properly!)

Sometimes I get very frustrated trying to understand what they were saying between/during songs..

Close up on the DVD box:

I think this is the most.. luxurious DVD box I've ever had. If only they made it into an a notebook/organiser/journal or something.

The DVD set contains 3 discs: Disc-1 for the documentary film, Disc-2 contains interview and some behind the scenes and extras while Disc-3 is an audio CD.

If you can see from the photo above there's a booklet included, which contains.. interviews.. which I can't read sorry but I'll post it up just in case any of you out there can read.

L-R: Disc-1, Disc-2, Disc-3 and booklet

L-R: Disc-1, Disc-2, Disc-3 and booklet



LOL at the most bottom photo. Akira has that hmmph-i-haz-birthday-present-while-you-don't-bluek face

The booklet:

awwww so many nice photos two pages are not enough!


Now on with the poster!

sorry for scissors' photobomb hahaha
 A few things that I'm not satisfied are:

  • The same photos being used for the discs' casings, personal interviews - if you noticelah.. why can't they use different scenes from the film/different photos? =/
  • Subtitles were only for the film - Disc-1. None for Disc-2 :'( The price might be higher though.
  • The film itself. I feel like something is missing. Or maybe I just had high expectations. :(

But I do love the film. It's very inspirational.

At some points I feel like the members' were taunting me with their words. Slapping me at times.

YES. I felt like I have been slapped after watching it the first time. (and a few more times after that)


I guess like them, I have my own dreams.

They're on their way while I'm still finding my way.

Or paddling with an oar. *cues THE OVER*

Anyways, will be posting some stuff from the DVD, which I found very inspirational.

To be inspired.

To remind myself not to forget my dreams.

Whatever they are.


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