Saturday, May 18, 2013

Unboxing: UVERworld Yokohama Arena DVD


This was supposed to be blogged about ages ago, but of course I got lazy was a lil busy with.. er other stuff.

Had to pick this up from the Pos Laju office since no one was at home when it was delivered.

This DVD was for their 2012 tour finale in Yokohama Arena, on the July 8th.

Release date: January 30th, 2013.


Available in 2 versions for the DVD: limited and normal. The limited version comes with a photo booklet! :D There's also a Blu-ray version ^^

the box

the back of the box

The casing of the discs:

The next three photos were taken using my phone (sorry for the bad quality), because I sorta forgot to use my camera for them hahaha

the jacket

Disc 1: the concert

Disc-2: the documentary of 2012 tour, which contains snippets from the venues

Now on with the booklet!

Takuya無限大∞ I superlike his "coffee and milk" tee
Katsuya and oh his legs!

Nobuto has this habit of spreading his (long) legs. Well, so far I've not heard of him tearing his pants LOL

his drumming skills are just.. mind-blowing

Takuya∞ on the drums for Massive!

Goat-chan Akira

i love it when Akira does that



Takuya∞ played the keyboards for the opening of 一石を投じる Tokyo Midnight Sun, accompanying asami's vocals

i like his teal guitar, so pweetee!

Okay. So how do I feel about the DVD?

Of course I have a personal attachment to it since I went to the 2012 tour, and I can relate to it. But I prefer their previous DVD more - the Premium Live in Xmas DVD, which I found livelier and more fun.

But the Tour Documentary, I love! It shows the snippets from all venues, and when I saw scenes from Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall and Osakajo Hall ones, a weird wave of emotion swept through me.


I still cannot believe.


So jealous at the fans who got the totes with Shintarou's signatures on them.

And Katsuya cooking for fans... gah!

I want to go another live. I hope to go to their lives every year.



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