Sunday, April 28, 2013


The class had our last Level 2 session with Ayako sensei yesterday, so we went out to eat after class since she said, "some will not continue to Level 3" and she went back to Japan today.

Ayako sensei is 3rd from left.. just realised she's so fair! The dude beside me is a French - Raphael

*cries* I'm one of the "some"

So we went to Old Town, where she had nasi lemak.

It was spicy for her.

From Ishikawa-ken, she came to Malaysia September last year to teach Japanese, previously working in a company (didn't probe further). Though initially she was worried about her life here, she has decided to come back again.

Thank goodness Malaysia left such a good impression on her, and the food as well! She loves roti canai and ABC. "Cendol on ABC ok, cendol in drink.. ダメ! (no!)"


She's been wanting to go to Penang, and I feel like taking her! But I don't think I'll be a very good travel guide though.

Too bad I can't continue to the next level due to work obligations (pfft). By the time I'll be able to continue, my classmates will start the intermediate level already!


Oh well. I have to work hard at self-studying then. Hope to be able to confidently speak basic Japanese by December.



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