Sunday, March 03, 2013

I suck at drawing

WeeN's note: Had this drafted in phone. Then I realised that I can't do much. Pfft.
I'm currently at the 2nd level of the Basic Japanese Language classes. Yesterday we learnt about directions/locations - on top, under, right, left and etc.
Second half of the class, our pretty せんせい gave us each half a sheet of an A4 and asked us to draw according to whatever she said.

It was:


And the result is:

There is a bed.
On the bed there is a car.
On the car there is a chair.
Inside the car there is a big apple.
On the right side of the bed there is a tree.
Behind the tree there is a ship.
On the tree there is a pig.
On the left side of the bed there is a mountain.
On top of the mountain there is you.
And then, under the bed there is a fish.
So yeah, I suck at drawing.

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