Thursday, January 03, 2013

Starbucks 2013 Planner

My 3rd Starbucks Planner.

I mean not in the same year lah of course. So many planners for what?!

red and some ugly brown. ugh. obviously red was my choice

gold zipping

Hello Kitty not included

loads of pockets!

back pocket

2013 and 2014

monthly calendar

I think I preferred the pages to be lined, because I'm pretty useless when it comes to writing without lines -_-

was doodling away and ended up with an UVERworld logo! though I'm not sure I can replicate this again :3

sketch sketch and sketch away! the back pages

the price @_@

Well, if you're a regular customer of Starbucks, I'm pretty sure you're aware that to obtain this planner is by buying 15 beverages using your Starbucks card!

So.. buy away! If you drink one Starbucks beverage daily in less than a month you'll get it already!

2 Starbucks beverages daily, you'll get it in a week! :3

The promotion started on 15th November 2012, until not sure, some time this month?

There's also an additional promotion: after getting the planner you are entitled to get another at RM45!

So watchoo waiting for geh?

tea jelly y u limited one?

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