Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 Resolutions

My 2013 resolutions!


Here you go:

  • Attend an UVERworld live - ahhh just the thought excites me, I do hope this will happen! I met someone who wants to go together (BUTT-obssessed girl) so I'm very excited because it's more fun to go crazy when there's someone who shares the same interest as I do! I want to bring my sisters along too but unfortunately I don't earn enough to be able to do so. :( Unless the band has a show somewhere here
  • Eat healthily - had my share of scares last year, so I have to eat healthily this year
  • Lose weight, or rather fats - obviously
  • Have a positive mindset - which is something I lack
  • Be someone who gets less easily irritated - I really need to make this one happen, I tend to hurt others feeling because I get irritated at the smallest things like doing chores!
  • Be more mindful of what I say and think
  • Have more courage in voicing out my opinions, if I can process them fast enough LOL
  • Treat my family and my friends better - VERY IMPORTANT
  • Go out more! Yeah this is a challenge to the introvert side of me
  • Run? I know I'm not into exercising so running is my best option. Or maybe do a half hour Gangnam Style before going to work. I think that dance can burn a lot of calories (and easy too!). I just need to be careful not to wake my neighbours earlier than they're suppose to wake up hahahaha
  • Be less lazy! I was such a bum last year, so I want to be less bum-my this year
  • Blog more, write more..
  • Study Japanese language diligently. And then maybe once in a while touch Mandarin? I was impressed at the girl at my language center who can speak Mandarin, Cantonese AND Japanese. I thought she was a Japanese because I always hear her speaking Japanese, and randomly when she spoke Mandarin/Cantonese I would go, "My goodness this girl can speak Chinese also, I lose weh". But then I found out she's Ipoh mali (from Ipoh)!
  • Not let people irritate/stress me out. Who are they to do so anyways? *kicks them*
  • Drink less Starbucks! Not that I have anything against Starbucks, it's just that I need to save money and cut down on sweet drinks. I'm a calon diabetes (diabetes candidate) LOL
  • Take care of myself
  • Be happy. Do things that make me happy, but not trouble others :3
  • Play that freaking keyboard I own. Yeah, I own a YAMAHA keyboard since I was 15, but... I've not been able to do anything with it. I really wanna learn and play my favourite songs.
  • Be attentive to my surroundings
  • Be careful!
  • Be good at my job, regardless whether I like it or not. I'm paid to do it, so I want to receive my salary knowing that I deserve it
  • Plan my future. I'll turn 27 end of the year (OH GOD WHY SO FAST WAN?), so I need to set foot on some things
  • Be careful with my finance *thinks back at the year when I successfully saved for a car* since I want my first resolution to happen
  • Take good care of my things!
  • Learn to be independent
  • Wake up early to work!
  • Take care of my appearance :P
  • Learn to forgive AND forget - I use the word "learn" because I know, it's hard since I'm the type that forgives, but I don't forget :/
Phew, they all look so jumbled up. I hope I can strike at least some concrete ones by the end of the year LOL.
I might just randomly add up. Who says that resolutions had to be set at the start of the year?

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