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Looking Back At You, 2012

2012 officially ended around 1 hour and 20 minutes ago, and we survived the 'supposedly' end of the world.

Everyone has been reviewing the year that was so I also want to sibuk (busybody) do one.
*starts scanning 2012 blogposts*

I guess the highlight of the year for me will definitely be traveling to Japan on my own.

It still has not registered in my mind that it happened. Everytime I look at the photos, I would go," Did I really go to all these places that week?"

I bought the flight ticket to Tokyo without much thought in 2011, then started planning for everything after finding out UVERworld's 2012 tour schedule because the random date I picked for my flight coincided with the first few dates of their tour.

But of course things didn't go as planned, I couldn't get the tickets that I wanted, and had to change my flight, and got tickets for the last few dates instead.

What a relief it was, though expensive. Nerve-wrecking as well, because I had to gather the courage to tell my parents that I was traveling alone. Imagine how long it took me to tell my mom especially! When I told her she had a pocket knife in her hand. :3

It was amazing when she gave her consent, although at times I wonder if she did it relunctantly.

I guess she knew my character too well. I might have gone even without her consent and suffer her wrath later LOL.

After receiving her green light, it was like, "This is it! It's happening!" I had my concert tickets bought, my flight secured, and hotel bookings were done without much thought. For me as long as the hotels were near to the concert venues and near to any subway/train stations, they would be okay.

June came and off to Japan I went. Attended THREE UVERworld lives instead of TWO! One in Fukuoka and two in Ōsaka. :)

It was a really worthy trip, a really good experience for me since it was my first time traveling oversea on my own.
I think I wasn't worried much since I had internet connection with me all the time (unless the battery of my pocket wi-fi died) and I stayed away from trying things that I was unsure about.

I had to cut down on some expenses like food (I relied a lot on covenience stores food) and not buying much おみやげ (omiyage = souvenirs) for my family and friends. :(

I did get lonely at times, especially during meal times. With no one to talk to, I had to resort to reading my guidebook/taking photos/instagramming/surf the web most of the time.

Other than that, I had fun walking on my own, exploring the map, just randomly looking at shops and people.
I made three new friends who shared the same interest in UVERworld - two from Taiwan and a Malaysian!

I wish I had studied more about the two prefectures so that I could explore them to my fullest! :3

Oh well, there's always next time!



Exactly a week after watching UVERworld in Ōsaka, I had the opportunity to watch another Japanese band live - ONE OK ROCK, a band whose music I got interested in while studying in university who dropped by Singapore for the Start Walking the World Tour.

with brother, who we saw during his lunchtime

I must thank my sister for persuading me to go. Initially when I found out I didn't really bother much since I was going to watch UVERworld, but my sister was like, "Let's go!" and I bought the tickets after she confirmed that she was on holiday during that time.

I didn't have the chance to blog about this because I didn't have much materials to do so. But boy I tell you, I was blown away by this band. It was like a livehouse concert, and I was so close to the stage! I wish I was as this close at UVERworld lives :3

Taka's voice is amazing! I'm so sorry Takuya∞, but Taka has a better voice than you. But I still love you your voice, Takuya∞! I remember there was one time Taka did this vibrato effect with his voice, me and my sister looked at each other with our jaws wide open. LOL.

If Takuya∞'s trademark move is flipping his microphone, Taka throws his and catches it back! :O

On the other hand I prefer Akira's guitar skills to Toru's. Although the former is always lost in his own world when he's playing. Toru interacted more with the audience and provided backing vocals for some songs.

They played a lot of songs from their Niche Syndrome and Zankyo Reference albums as well as their older songs. I remember screaming/shrieking like mad when they played 皆無 (kaimu), because it's the song that made me a fan!

I know I look like crap but I don't care eh-eh-eh-eh-are
Their fan service is quite good as well. All of them were given opportunity to say something. Ryota even said something in Mandarin! He said, "wo qing tian bu hui jia (I'm not going home today)" LOL Toru was sad because "I could not see the Merlion because it was under construction" hahaha

What made me go "awww" is that eventhough they spoke limited English (Taka even said, "I know we sing some English but we can't speak English!" hahahaha), Taka actually got a fan to help him translate whatever he said in Japanese to English.

Before singing C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. which was written for a friend of theirs, he said that he thought of all their fans as their friends. :) So sweet. I love it when artistes show their appreciation to their fans.

Awesome show, ONE OK ROCK is definitely a band which I wouldn't mind watching live again!


Bought tickets to Bangkok during the AirAsia 10th Anniversary sale with my three girlfriends!

Didn't do much but shop shop and shop.

I didn't shop much because it was more of a break-from-work holiday for me.

Went to the Chatchuchak Market of course. Got myself a bag! :D

Fell in love with Thai iced tea.

Mall-hopping til we drop. LOL

Ate good food.

Though I must say you can't really say, "Oh the best tomyam in Bangkok is ____________!" because the tomyam taste varies from restaurant to restaurant.
We wanted to watch Thai Girls' show (not Tigers' show LOL) so went to Soi Cowboy which was recommended by Anushia's brother.

Well, watched we did. Picked an A-Go-Go bar, ordered drinks and watch naked girls dancing and urm doing stuff to one another.
Actually it was a funny situation. We were the only female customers, and we sat in one line with our drinks, watching the girls' antics, and the male customers antics. Funny AND awkward. Just imagine watching 4 girls not knowing where to place their eyes.
I think we stayed for an hour. Left after finishing our drinks.
Selene said she will never bring her bf to Soi Cowboy. I understand, because I kept seeing guys being pulled into the bars by the sexily dressed girls. When I saw good-looking men being pulled my mind went, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
I even saw this cute Japanese guy, who reluctantly (yeah, right!) went in when he was pulled by one of the girls.
I don't mind going with my bf there though. I might have a good time AFTER.
Went to ASIATIQUE for the night view.

nice place to hang out i must say. and you take a boat there too!

The only wat we went to is Wat Hua Lamphong, which is very near our hotel.

Paid 100 baht to feed the cows.

so many moo-moos! and that's me and Pak Wan feeding the greediest one! hmmph!

i love the structures, i'm more drawn to Thai Buddhist temples because of my heritage


Happy that BIGBANG decided to hold a show in KL. My favourite K-pop group finally came! I remember hating them the first time my sister showed La La La to me. Hahaha.
Tickets went on sale 3 months before the concert and was sold out on the same day (methinks).

Lucky I went to One Utama instead of Farenheit88 to purchase the tickets. Lined up for 1.5 hours before being able to buy!

It rained heavily that night that the audience at the open section were given free raincoats! But thankfully it stopped before the concert started. The crew had to quickly mop the stage before the group went on.

Hearing Heaven and Wedding Dress live was.. surreal! Heaven made me a fan, and I absolutely love Wedding Dress, although Taeyang performed a shorter version. Hate his hair though. I still prefer his trademark mohawk.
The stage setting was awesome! They had a band backing them up, and also back-up vocals!

I bought the tickets with roof and numbered seating, but I never thought the audience would take the word 'seating' seriously.
Almost everyone.. SAT during the whole show.
I mean almost, there were a handful standing.. once in awhile.
I wanted to jump and dance but because I would end up blocking other people, I had to sit. Until they sang their hit song Geotjimal, I knew I had to stand! And I did all the way until the end.. which was like 4-5 songs maybe.
Can someone tell me how to sit during a concert?
*flips tables*


Was so excited to find out that 2NE1 also had Malaysia as part of their Global tour! 2NE1 is my favourite female K-pop group by the way.
I just love their.. swag.
Bought tickets when they were on sale, the cheapest ones though for me and my sister, which were almost sold out at The Curve's Rock Corner that we had to buy tickets for separate seatings!

Then it was announced that their shows in Indonesia and Malaysia were cancelled due to "technical issues"
Was so looking forward to it.
Received full refund for the tickets, so I can spend on other things (i.e. UVERworld stuff)


I started 2012 with remorse due to my paternal grandfather's passing. I recently went back for his 1-year prayers, and we went to his grave. It was the first time seeing his tombstone, which had his family members' names on it. Seeing my name on top of the list of his granddaughters' names was really.. I don't know what's the feeling. It's not sadness.. Was it, emptiness? I wonder.
Marriages were celebrated while deaths were mourned.
2012 was full of ups and downs, but the damages broughtforth by the downs managed to drown all my ups.
I cried the most this year I think, for some personal reasons. I couldn't understand/comprehend some of the things that happened throughout the year.
I wanted to find someone to talk to, but I couldn't express my feeling well. Out of frustration, I would cry and cry and cry.
I got irritated. I got angry. I stressed myself up to a point I fell sick a few times. Once I thought I was having a heart attack after crying.
I hope that this year will be a better year for me and my loved ones.
My mom, for her patience, her ability to forgive, her strength, her wisdom and her love. If you were to put me in her shoes after  all that happened, I would have fallen, crumble and fade away. I wish I could erase your pain, but I know it's impossible.
and UVERworld, the band whom I secretly envy but openly admire. I admire your passions, your talents and your hardworks and I envy the love that you've received from those who adore you. But your music accompanied me through my ups and downs, and I thank you for that. :)
2013, what will you bring me?
Another emotional rollercoaster? or a straight, safe highway?
I wonder.
If I'm allowed to bargain, can I have more laughters and tears of happiness, instead of tears of sadness and heartbreaks?

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