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Unboxing: REVERSI

The first time I heard the word "REVERSI", which is the title of UVERworld's 23rd single, I went, "ooohh, new word!"
Especially I kept hearing it pronounced as "ree-versh". However I still pronounce it as "ree-ver-see".
Then I found out that is not a made-up word pfft.
Happened as I search for Othello, which was mentioned in the lyrics:

負けて始まる そこからが本当の勝負
(I’ll teach you the winning ways of the basic Othello
Let the enemy take the opening
Only when you lose that’s when the true battle starts
Boldly fight back with all you’ve got)
Translation credits to: International Fansite

So I wiki-ed Othello, thinking he must have been some Greek hero or something. -_-
Mistaken I was, since it's a character from something William Shakespeare wrote, so I went and looked at the Othello (disambiguation) and saw:
"Reversi, a board game also marketed as Othello"
- O -
This must be what this song is referred to right?!
Thank you Takuya∞, I learnt something new.
The single was released a day after Christmas (a day after their 2012 Premium Live on Xmas show at Nippon Budokan, a report on it can be found here) and it is also the song for the 青の祓魔師 (Blue Exorcist or Ao no Exorcist) movie released on the 28th December 2012.
Unlike my other purchases, this single did not arrive on the release date :(
Nevermind, I'm gonna show you as usual!
longer box for the calendar!

the usual green papers


as you can see, asami is also involved in the second track! which is quite a funny song. watch out for Nobuto's "俺達が。。NO.4!" which is obviously making fun of their song NO.1

2. セオリーとの決別の研究+81
3. ace of ace [LIVE at Yokohama Arena 2012.07.08]
4. CORE PRIDE [LIVE at ZEPP TOKYO 2011.07.27]
1. Talking about "U" -THE ONE- which is an interview with the band about their 7th album, THE ONE and also touching the topics of live performances and their dreams
2. バーベル~皇帝の新しい服ver.~ (LIVE at Yokohama Arena 2012.07.08)

The first time I heard REVERSI, I was unimpressed. To make matters worse I heard it and Don't Think. Feel on the same day so go figure on which one I liked better.
As it is UVERworld's second song for Ao no Exorcist, I expected it to be as good as CORE PRIDE, if not better! Unfortunately I found the first verse a bit awkward, with Shintarou's fast drummings and Takuya∞'s singing.
But I did like the contrabass parts which blended well with the guitar! Gives out a jazzy feeling. And of course the chorus.
After listening to it more often, and watching their live performance of this track at Saitama Super Arena show, it grew on me, and yeah, this IS an awesome song, more awesome live! Shintarou did a lot of complicating drumming here, and guitar parts are good. Lovin' the bass sounds as well!
I still don't like the first verse though. XP
Now time to open the calendar!
amazed at how carefully packaged the calendar is. the brown wrapping is the thicker and tougher type!

had a big smile when i saw this: my first ever UVERworld calendar!

i love the logo
Now I'm trying to figure how to hang it up. Planning to wrap it up with clear plastic wrapping to protect it from dust and humidity, and finding the best location so that it's not exposed to sunlight too much.
Wonder when will that happenla, it's now lying down helplessly among all my other things LOL.
Since I was damn hardworking, I screencapped some shots from the interview.
LOL the look at Katsuya's face is epic!

when i saw the headband i was like "aigo why you so cute wan?!" my mom saw this and she was like, "what is that you're watching? who is that?" i think she must have thought i'm watching some videos of a family member i.e. little niece
lovin' the hat

testing out Shintarou's new drumset. something about it being a vintage set

that perverted smile of his LOL
work in progress. all the Macbooks @_@. Nobuto's pretty bass. and Akira's pretty hair. Akira is using beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

Katsuya looks like a schoolboy here hahahaha a very cute one though. i still can't believe he likes cooking! househusband material!
nice side profile there

Goat-chan playing with his urh.. goatee

i love his hair. period.
ooo. can i peek inside your shirt Akira?

there's something sexy about this grumpy man. i wanna rip off his shirt.

handsome boy
drummer wants to be cute too

Katsuya and Nobuto (somehow i captured a funny expression) focusing on discussion

i no likey your glasses

awesome performance of バーベル~皇帝の新しい服ver.~

UVERteam cry! if you're wondering why there's 7 people, there's also asami and SEIKA

That's all!
I hope that someday I can understand their interview, there's so much to learn from this band!

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