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Japan 2012: Nara for a day

WeeN's note: I'm trying to recall my last days in Japan, but everything seems so.. vague. -_- Finally, my last post. Thank you for your patience. I've gotten lazy myself. LOL.

Yinghui and Vicky recommended me to go to Nara on my last full day in Japan. Initially I was planning on going to Kobe, but after Yinghui mentioned something about being able to see baby deers I thought it would be a good idea!

sunny day in Shin-Ōsaka

Actually Yinghui suggested going to Shiga as well, saying that there's a traditional music performance in the morning by Lake Biwa side.

I should have asked specifically which side because Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan! :3

Quite tempted to go since UVERworld is from there but since I did no research on the prefecture.. i'll save it for next timelah.

my jimat breakfast

Took the subway train from Shin-Ōsaka (red Midōsuji Line) to Namba station and transfered into the Kintetsu Line to Nara. There are a lot of type of trains available to Nara, from local trains (more stops) to express or rapid express or semi-express trains (lesser stops). I can't remember which one I took. I think it was the rapid express one. Took me around 20 minutes from Namba to Nara.

Upon exiting the Nara Kintetsu Station, I chose to go out at the East Exit, which is for people who wants to walk. Take the West Exit if you wanna take the shuttle buses.

school trip on a Sunday

Beware: influx of photos ahead! I think I panicked and started snapping away since it was my last day in Japan so I wanted to document everything I see. :P

Higashimuki Shopping Street

Started walking towards the direction of  Tōdai-ji (東大寺), because I wanted to see the Daibutsu (大仏), which is the largest Buddha statue in Japan.

I'm always interested in capturing photos of traditional structures/monuments/poles/etc. Must be the inner archaelogist kicking in.

Walked into the Kōfuku-ji (興福寺) first after seeing this World Heritage sign:

this is supercute: kids (i assume kindergarten) sitting down at the sidewalk having their meals

Then I started spotting deers!

this dude started dozing off as i was taking this photo

ZZzz.. so cute!

The Tōkon-dō (東金堂 = East Golden Hall) and the gojū-no-tō (五重塔 = five-storied pagoda)

look at that butt!

this fella tak layan me because i had no food with me wtf

the Nan'en-dō (南円堂 = South Octagonal Hall)

such a nice day for a picnic. i wonder where to have picnics in Malaysia?

ticket counters. tickets for adults are priced at 500 yen, which is approximately RM20

looks so.. MIGHTY in this photo, doesn't it?


And behold, the Daibutsu:

I think I stood in awe for a while, before starting to take photos (like all the other tourists) and then prayed. I'm not sure of what chants to.. er.. chant so I just said the ones I always use when I'm in a Thai Buddhist Temple.

LOL. I'm pretty sure the Buddha is multi-lingual. XP



there's a line for kids who wants an opportunity to pass through this hole on this pillar. There's this belief that whoever can pass through this hole will attain enlightenment (!!!!)


Walked into the Higashimuki shopping street.


my 130 yen mochi. mmmmmmmmmm..... =9
(Late) Lunch was at とんかつがんこ (Tonkatsu Ganko).

i love this sesame dressing! ^^

my 680 yen meal
yummy potato salad

Left Nara after my late lunch and decided to have my final walk in Osaka.

guess where was I heading up to?
I went inside TSUTAYA in Ebisubashi, yeah the one in front of Kani Doraku, where I met Vicky and Yinghui the first time.

I quickly went on an UVERworld-stuff search!

I just had to resist from buying anything, which I regret. I should have bought at least a single. Hur..

almost stayed in this hotel!
i'm wondering if the meat IS the sex machine.

the famous Glico running man

Namba Walk

Decided to go back to my hotel before it turns dark. Actually I should have stayed out longer. :(

last hotel in Japan, Chisun Hotel Shin-Osaka
this is "karoriikontorooruaisu" which is.. calorie-controlled ice-cream? XP

Oh I shall show you my room! Compared to the one in Shinsaibashi, it was smaller.. and has NO fridge!

the room, with the bathroom on the left
Actually among all the five hotels I stayed in during my trip in Japan, this was the smallest and the cheapest (at around RM130+/night)!

the table (sorry for the rubbish!)

the bed

the sliding door of the window

the view of the train tracks to Shin-Osaka station

the bathroom
So that pretty much sums up my last (full) day in Japan!
I might be going again end of 2013, if I can manage to save up on time.
Actually I'm planning to make Japan as my yearly holiday destination - just to attend UVERworld lives.
I think I will make it a point to go watch UVERworld concert at least once a year.
*crosses fingers* 

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