Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The (1st) week that was

Am back for a 2-week break!

. . .

Where was I you're asking?

Hmm.. let's just say I was in somewhere up north for a training programme which will end early December.

This is the longest I have been home ever since starting the programme - I was back for 2 nights last month and didn't get to do much.

This time my schedule has been a little bit pack! With friends whisking me away for meals, meals, meals and TENNIS!

Yeah tennis you read it right, but I'm nowhere near my friends' levels yet wtf.


First night I arrived I had dinner with my colleagues at our Japanese restaurant "HQ", Sushi Zanmai at 1Mont Kiara.

Driving back was a challenge - it was the first time I had to stop and nap at a rest area because I was too darn sleepy!

I set my alarm to wake me up after half an hour but I accidentally woke up after 10 minutes and thought I slept too long because the sky turned dark LOL

Bro was back for the weekend!

why am I not as tall as he is?!

My sisters and my cousin went to Jay Chou's Opus Tour that night. Since I wasn't able to go I told them to get me a cap LOL

most expensive cap i own currently wtf


Lazed at home on Saturday and it was dim sum buffet on Sunday!

Wai Loon got us some vouchers to the dimsum buffet at China Treasures restaurant at the Sime Darby Convention Centre.

It's all halal by the way, so NO PORK in our dimsum!

not sure what were these. tasted odd.

Which we only found out on the day itself LOL

oily goodness!

mini egg tart was meh

mygawd this is is just sinful but awesome. salted egg yolk charcoal bun. so yummy.

a fav of mine to order at any dimsum place: yam pastry

For RM38/pax (have to pay extra for tea), it was quite a worthy spread! The prawns used in their prawn-based dimsum were huge! My only pet-peeve was their service. Serving tea carelessly, sending us things we didn't order (which we ate anyways LOL), I really do hope they will work on it because I don't mind going there again.

To lessen our guilt, played tennis for the first time that night!

at Pusat Komuniti TTDI


Was out on my own to just jalan-jalan and to buy some stuff.

One Utama Raya deco:

So many mirrors!

Rushed home before 5pm so I could catch SPYAIR's live broadcast of their free concert in Yoyogi Park that evening!

The free concert is in conjunction with the release of their latest album, MILLION!

IKE <3

They performed songs from MILLION, but ended the whole show with サムライハート(Some Like It Hot!!)!


Dinner at the Hartamas branch of my Elephant.

green mango cooler

the glass noodle salad and grilled squid were okay; duck curry with fruits was interesting and i love the gravy! though i'm not sure of the fruits function; tom ka kai (or chicken soup) was good!

jasmine rice with brown rice, refillable at RM3, only if everyone at your table individually orders. there were 4 of us but Wai Loon didn't want rice, we ordered for 3.. and they weren't refillable. weird hor?

red ruby. i wasn't impressed.

durian cheese cake. we ate it when it was still hard. hahaha my teeth almost froze! though i am very surprised at the portion :/

because we don't take photos that often LOL

We adjourned for some drinks (ahem!) at WIP, Bangsar Shopping Centre for some mojito indulging. :P

mojito ftw


Aunt and cousins came over so brought them to the BookFest at KLCC.

Managed to catch Dina Zaman's book-sharing/Q&A session.

I wouldn't call myself a fan or anything - I've read some of her articles before and wanted to read I Am Muslim but I kept forgetting to look for it. Then one day I saw King of the Sea at MPH and thought "why not?"

But didn't buy also. #epicfail

So it was a good thing I went to the BookFest. Got to listen to her (such a bubbly person) and every time I come across her interview or something nowadays I will immediately read it like how I remember the tone of her speaking LOL.

Yeah so I got King Of The Sea. Masih belum baca. Nanti lepas saya baca saya edit balik blog post ini. Kalau saya rajinlah.

Late lunch at Chili's. Had to wait quite a while for a table. Public Holiday maaahhh.

i rarely take photos with them besides during CNY. should do more often.

Damage done:

And I still have a lot of books to read.


That pretty much wraps up my first week of holiday. Will blog about the second one if I rajin, kay?

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