Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lunch-at-work (LAW): Kinohimitsu Diet Meal

Hello hello!

I'm doing something unusual this time! Not really reviewing a product but since I have this habit of taking photos of things so I thought I'd just introduce you to something.

And no, I am not paid to do this lah.

Honestly, I've been getting bored of lunch options in the two canteens/cafes at my office and the adjacent's office buildings. I am definitely a rice eater but I get bored easily of the dishes offered. And the crowd.. Ohmygod. Sometimes dishes gets polished off before 1pm! *faints*

So I've been trying to find options for lunch - cereal with milk/soymilk/yogurt/etc, instant noodles in cups/bowls, crackers/biscuits.. Something easy to prepare since I have hot water facilities at the office.

I got this Kinohimitsu Diet Meal sachet after purchasing one of the beauty/fashion magazines (I think it was Female) so I went "Wow! Something I can have for lunch!"

sorreh for the fugly hand

rolled oats in pale green tea powder

added hot water. sorreh for the photo quality when I took this the lights at my room went off (office's green policy)

It does smell like green tea. The creamer makes it creamy, but it's not like Starbucks' green tea latte kind of thick-creamy so it didn't make me feel easily put off. Or jelak.

The sachet in the magazine came with a RM15 discount voucher for a purchase of a box of the Diet Meal in any two flavours available - Green Tea; and Hot and Spicy.

So I went ahead and bought myself a box. Planned to consume on Mondays to Thursdays and have proper lunches on Fridays!

I still eat heavy breakfast. I have two McDonald's drive-thru on my way to work - one even has McCafe! So I'd usually end up buying the breakfast and upgrade the drinks to one of the McCafe's beverages, usually mocha. And large.

14 sachets

i see choo prawn

rice embryo (I didn't know we can eat them already at that stage!) in pale orange powder

The powder smells a little bit like curry powder.

puffed up baby rice!

So this Hot and Spicy one tasted like.. diluted curry. Spiciness level: bearable. It's quite nice to drink, like you're having soup BUT OF COURSE cannot beat all your instant curry noodles.

Yes, this Diet Meal is low in calorie, but I don't think it's a hunger depressant. I felt hungry at around 4pm for the second flavour as well. So I'd usually have it with some sort of crackers/biscuits.

I love my meiji plain crackers!

Yes, I am en route to losing some of my fats so I am trying to cut down on calories. I chose to eat light for lunch since I have a good reason to do so, but I do eat properly for breakfast and dinner.

However I feel since I get hunger pangs in the evening, I'm gonna prepare some light snacks to munch on like trail mix or cereal.

And learn how to chew slowly.

I don't have weight progress to show you or nothing because..

I'm not botheredlah.

Am looking for other stuff to alternate with this for lunch.


  1. hi.. just read this. i want to try this. Did you lose weight taking this?

    1. Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Sorry but I didn't weigh myself before and after taking this so I can't attest to that.


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