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Kuala Terengganu 2014

Last month I had an opportunity to visit the land of my alma mater, Kuala Terengganu for work.

It's been 5 years since I last went back to Kuala Terengganu, the last time I was there was for my convocation.

I remember how smiley I was after getting off the plane - the air was breezy. Even though it was dark, I couldn't stop being happy just breathing Kuala Terengganu air!

Maybe I was just happy to get away! Haha

UMT, 5 years after

Boy, a lot has changed! I could barely recognise all the buildings - the faculties I used to study in, the laboratories..

The dataran where we would wait for our van sapu to go back to the hostel (if walking/riding with friends wasn't an option)

The university underwent major transformation with the new Vice Chancellor. The faculties are now known as schools (pusat pengajian).

The open space where Taekwondo trainings were carried out under the library

No nose harmed in this photo-taking process heehee. Got this from one of the issues of a school's magazine

akok, kuih bakar (green) and goreng pisang

The university even has a Pusat Siswa, where the CIMB Bank is relocated here from its previous location (y'know, that small little place wtf I can imagine where it is but I'm not sure what that area is called).

Got bakery somemore! HMMMPH!

i think this mosque is still under construction

I feel a little bit jealous with the students nowadays - they have KFC, McDonald's (with McCafe) AND Burger King along the way to the university. During my time the closest McDonald's was in the Kuala Terengganu town, at the bus station. A Mydin Mall is going to open up soon too! Apparently the one near the Giant Mall (near that bukit/state library) is going to close down.

One night out

Was fortunate that one of my former coursemates (Bakyah) was available to hangout on the second night I was there, and she managed to call out another coursemate (Afiq) who is a local. So they both brought me out to jalan-jalan.

Dinner was in this warung call Rahsia Kitchen located at Jalan Budiman, which doesn't look like your typical warung.

Looks more like an open-dining small eatery, opened in a compound of a house, with small number of tables and chairs.

Kit Kat something which was just okay for me

Grilled lamb chop. WATCH. OUT. FOR. THE. MASHED. POTATO. It's just so gooooooooooooddddddd.

FB page:

Then they brought me for a drive before stopping at Chinatown/Kampung Cina, a place where me and my friends would frequent on weekends for some food/grocery shopping or just jalan-jalan.

Somehow the town had also undergone some changes

The small alleys between the shoplots are decorated extensively with different themes, making them popular photo spots.

I. Don't. Get. This.

There's Tappers in Kuala Terengganu OMG

ahhh.. love locks pun ada!

I'm not sure what to make of this.. transformation. I mean, it does make the town more interesting, but somehow, something feels off.

Afiq then brought us to a cafe he discovered.. in Chinatown!

Dammit why didn't you exist 5++ years ago when I was there?!


rare selfie just to show off the interior of the cafe. say thank you.

iced cappucino

flavoured milk with a cute foam art

strawberry cheesecake which was not worth ordering

my butterscotch latte which was so goooddddddddd

Glad to be able to go back, but I wish I was there for a holiday instead of work so I didn't have to rush around. And I wish I drove instead!

Hope to be back again someday!

Random photos after the jump!

nasi dagang, TH Hotel. Awesome on my first day, not on the second day.

Interior of TH Hotel

TH Hotel entrance

3 layer tea at a warung somewhere near the new Mydin Mall

laksa Kelantan (laksam), TH Hotel

Our keropok lekor source

Flavours available: original, cheese, cheese bawang and black pepper. And yup they are good!

Coconut shake

when my flight got delayed :/
Korean-Malaysian boy

was on firefly

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