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Food Roundup: December 2015

Yello folks!

This would be the last food roundup for the year 2015! WOOHOO!

Nara Kitchen & Co., Damansara Uptown

Had  a meetup with my favourite girls at a new place, which is just a few shops away from The Good Batch.

Read some reviews before I went. Heard that their Brilliant Breakfast Pudding and Chicken & Waffles are very good. Plus, their food presentation are really pretty!

I like the layout of this cafe. Simple, clean and not.. serabut. And not dark.

Tunisian Baked Eggs

I chose the Tunisian Baked Eggs. I thought Chicken & Waffles is more apt for dinner (I have no idea what sort of a thinking is that?!). I was so tempted to order the Monster Poutine but I thought it wasn't right for a meal and it would be too much for the 3 of us!

I will be back there someday to have the poutine! Mark my words!

Nara Kitchen & Co. also serves assorted cakes and they sell breads as well! :D

Yoshinoya, DPulze Cyberjaya

Was randomly in Cyberjaya for work so I brought my colleague to DPulze for lunch. We ended up in Yoshinoya (which also shares the same eating area as Hanamaru Udon).

I ordered some spicy chicken katsu don (large summore wtf) with onsen tamago, added miso soup and green tea. The chicken katsu piece was so HUGE!

Glad Yoshinoya is back! Hope they'll open up somewhere near my workplace LOL.

Dave's Bistro Bar Grill, One Utama Shopping Centre

My colleague wanted to come to this place because she loves its mushroom soup! I remember coming here with my friends ages ago too, and we had great food. I'm not sure why we never returned though. :P

It was a delight that we found out that on weekdays they have set lunches! Called the Petite Executive Lunch, each day had 3 different options to choose for as mains, served with small servings of Caesar salad and mushroom soup.

The salad was just usual for me, but true enough the mushroom soup was good. I would still favour d'italiane's though.

Between the carbonara, pork belly and ham and mayo petite pizza, I chose the carbonara. I think the portion is quite right, though I wish it had more bacon bits.

Still had room for dessert wtf. 5 girls shared a Chocolate Fondant, which took a while to come. Found out that it has a 25-minute waiting time, but we sort of missed out on that info.

Let's just say we all had our dose of orgasms that afternoon. :P

Check out Dave's FB page here! for more info on the RM19.90 lunch set! It costed us about RM27 each for one lunch set plus sharing the dessert.

BM Yam Rice, Eat Food Village, Publika

I just found out that there is actually a non-halal food court in Publika after shifting to a new workplace. The stalls available range from chicken rice, yam rice, bak kut teh, noodles, yong tau foo and etc. There's even Lorong Seratus Tahun there!

Why didn't I know about this earlier?!

Tried the BM Yam Rice after seeing my colleagues having them before. I ordered the ginger wine chicken which turned out too sweet for my liking, and while the rice was good, I wish it had more yam and dried shrimps!

But the pork balls were awesome! RM5.30 for a bowl of six balls! Would gladly order it again.

My whole order costed RM17.90. A little steep for a food court haha.

Eat Food Village is located at the opposite end of Ben's Independent Grocer in Publika.

Mezze Bistro, Medan Damansara

Blogged about it here. :D

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Restaurant, Damansara Jaya

My second time here, but I'm so sorry I didn't take any other photo besides this:

The salted egg yolk bun, called the Golden Bun.

So majestic. So heavenly. I had two, besides all the other stuff that fateful day.

And I'm still longing for more.

Plan B, Paradigm Mall

Bro wanted to treat us before he went back to Singapore so we dropped by Paradigm Mall and ended up in Plan B for some snacks and coffee.

I had a good cup of decaf cappuccino because their coffee machine was faulty LOL. Decaf or not, still good.

Besides fries, I naughtily ordered the salted caramel chocolate tart after seeing it on display. I know it doesn't look like the most glorious tart ever but trust me, this is the bomb. I never knew this existed in Plan B or I would have ended up in Plan B more frequently.

Beneath that layer of chocolate, laid a precious amount of salted caramel, waiting to be devoured by any salted caramel fans who gets tingly everytime they come across the word salted caramel.

Like me.

Anyways, to end this final food roundup for 2015, I'm leaving you with an Instagram video of my favourite bun in action.

Cheers to more food roundups!

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