Sunday, January 03, 2016

Hopes and Wishes for 2016

Missing this little puff already!

Nope, not to be a mother. That's just way too soon! 
Plus I'm not sure about having kids.
And judging by the photos above..

I want to be emotionally stronger.

I'm a crybaby. Like seriously. I even cry when I get very angry. The first day of new year I got a light scolding by my mom and I went to my room and teared and thought "why am I so useless?"


So, I hope that I can be a stronger person. I have two sisters to take care of and with my parents back at our hometown, it's partially my responsibility (besides their own selves) to keep them safe.

So yeah. *flexes muscles*

I want to be mindful of my finances.

Yeah. Must stop spending unnecessarily and try to save (or be stingy!) in any way I can. It's my own fault that I'm in a financial rut, so I hope I will be able to at least minimize the damages. Which leads me to the next point..

I want to start saving for a family trip.

Because I want to bring my parents somewhere outside Malaysia, especially my mom, who has never been out of Malaysia. I think it will bring me great happiness to be able to do so! :) So I have decided to not go anywhere overseas with friends or on my own.

I want to be healthier.

And lose weight. I think I've been hoping to do so every year but failed. I have a wedding in September so I hope to lose a dress size (or two!) by then. And I hope to do so without having to break my bank!

And I need to get something done about my sneezing fits. I can't be popping antihistamines too often, can I?

I want to fall in love.

Or meet someone. Apparently, my parents were told that this is the best age for me to get married. Or else I have to wait another 3 years. But the best is this age!

Unfortunately for my parents, I don't think I will haha. I'm not meeting anyone right now because.. sometimes I just don't have the desire to do so. I don't go out that much either so I don't meet new people that often. And plus because of my appearance I tend to not have any confidence that any guy would fall head over heels for me so wtf casecloseliaolor.

So yeah. 


I want to be better at Japanese.

I found out that I have lost the drive to study Japanese recently. Even though I passed JLPT N5, I think I screwed up N4 and it would be a great miracle if I passed!

I hope I will be able to be serious about it, because I want to be able to communicate with my sensei with less errors, and understand Japanese stuff better!

I want to save for more Japan trips!

So that I can watch UVERworld again. Plus I want to bring both my sisters together with me. And this will only happen after the family trip which I hope to be able to do soon!

Ok that's all for now. Maybe along the way I'll start having more stuff to add on. Haha.

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