Saturday, August 09, 2014

I want to go back to the Jonker Walk night market..

.. for these babies!

Yes! Oysters!

And oh chien (oyster omelette), but the oh chien was nothing special to me. Honestly speaking I've not tasted any oh chien which had wow-ed me before..even in Penang! :3

I can't really remember where the stall is located, but it's not really hard to find at the food area of the night market. Somewhere along the alley where a shop selling Aik Cheong coffee.

look at those babies being grilled!

We had the Thai-style and cheese oysters - the latter being my favourite! The Thai-style ones were a bit spicy, but I find nothing special about them. They cost RM16 for 4 pieces, and you can have them raw as well. :)

So.. I think I wouldn't mind dropping by the night market again the next time I go to Melaka.

Oysters ftw!

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