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Unboxing: Fight For Liberty / Wizard CLUB and also.. ナノ・セカンド

Note: Some photos are watermarked with my old blog name angelflyz because I'm too lazy to make new watermarks lor.

Hello! Hello! We're back with another unboxing post on two singles by UVERworld.


Errrr.. because.. I had Fight For Liberty / Wizard CLUB drafted for ages and now it's too late to just talk about it only because ナノ・セカンド (Nano Second) is already out!

And also their 26th single 7日目の決意.

Anddddd.. their 8th album - Ø CHOIR.

I didn't get the other two because I had other priorities (read: other nonsense)

*shifty eyes* I know, I'm such an #epicfail blogger + UVERfan, so please forgive me.

So.. here goes. Heehee.

Flight For Liberty / Wizard CLUB
Release date: 14.08.2013

Released on August 14th, 2013, Fight For Liberty / Wizard CLUB is UVERworld's 24th single, a double-A side single.

Fight For Liberty is used at the opening theme for Space Battleship Yamato 2199 while Wizard CLUB is used as the ending theme for a talk-show-ish TV series called Kaikin! Bakuro Night.

The three tracks in this single are Fight For Liberty, Wizard CLUB and a lovely lovely lovely ballad which makes you go 'awwwww...' called.. er.. a LOVELY TONE. However, there are 3 versions for this single which of course made me go "ARGH Y MUST U DO THIS TO US?"

So now what is that multi-angled views of Don't Think. Feel? Since I iz not so good at explaining let me show some screencaps.

Katsuya and Akira angle. Nice cap there. LOL.

Basically there's an option for you to view the performances from one of the four angles provided: all, Katsuya and Akira, Nobuto and Shintarou, and Takuya.

MMMMmmmm :9

Okay only two caps because I'm too lazy.

Regular Edition (RE) - no extra stuff, just the 3 tracks but my oh my who can resist this coverlah??

I hate it when they do this limited-regular thingie. More often than not the regular edition has better covers but without the goodness of the LE versh.


LE, anime Space Battleship Yamato 2199 versh which has an additional track of.. the usually-short-version-for-anime-size of Fight For Liberty

*sighs* I happen to like this anime cover as well. Just like Qualia's, CORE PRIDE's and REVERSI's ones.

As usual, pictures pictures pictures and less words! :P



one of my favourite shots of the boys

why is Katchan looking elsewhere?!

Thoughts on the single?

Among all three tracks, I like Fight For Liberty the most. Wizard CLUB is also awesome with all the variety of drums (or gendang-gendang whateveryoucallthem) while a LOVELY TONE is very lovelylovelylovely like I mentioned before (how can Takuya's serenade not be lovely?!) but I think Fight For Liberty is the best track among three.

It's just amazingly.. FAST and I love the guitar parts in it. And also the strings used. I think it would be great if they perform it with an orchestra - that would be just super!

Release date: 18.12.2013

Honestly I was a bit ignorant of UVERworld's music ever since being sent off for a programme (and someone *shifty eyes*) which made me spend a lot of money + time so I ended up not buying King's Parade DVD which was released 2 days before my birthday.


I wasn't planning on buying ナノ・セカンド (from now onwards Nano Second) as well until a fellow fan sort of, just said, "Okay I'm gonna get you Nano Second" when I told her I didn't feel like getting anything from their 2013 winter tour goods (since she was attending) because it didn't really interest me much and I was a bit financially tight.

LOL Thank you. It didn't cost me a bomb as compared to purchasing it off online. I still remembered how I shrieked/screamed when she passed it to me when we met at KL Sentral after she came back from the trip with another friend. Haha.

So, here it is for you!

the version without DVD has more shots of Takuya∞ and less of the others btw

eye candies!

so yeng ah!




Postcard + calendar which comes with it:

So how's the single?

Eh. Let's just say I prefer Flight For Liberty / Wizard CLUB to Nano Second. I mean, Nano Second has an awesome introduction with the harmonica and electronic beats (the album version even better!), while there are some guitar parts of LIFE that I like (and also the mellow closing) and hard edge DEJA VU, but they're not something I would repeat.

Anyways, @skatanixs got me the limited version for me which comes with a DVD with 2 videos - Flight For Liberty version.1 (taken from live(s) and collection of clips of the band with Wizard CLUB as background music.

Okie I managed to capture some (or rather a few, because I was lazy) shots lalalalalala.

Nothing beats looking at photos/videos of the boys going all out in their performances eh?

Anyways.. as of March 26th 2014..

UVERworld is now a six-member band.


Read here and here.

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