Saturday, August 16, 2014

For a good cause

Hello everyone!

I am promoting my cousin's and her friend's campaign for Water is Everything project, which is one of the projects under World Vision Singapore. There are more projects under World Vision Singapore and due to this I went to visit the website for World Vision Malaysia as well to check out.

Basically in conjunction of the two girls' (Huilin, my cousin and her friend Yihan) 21st birthdays which will fall this October, they are contributing money received as their birthday gifts to support this project.

It was a great timing for me, because I've never gotten her anything before for her birthday. And also it's a great opportunity to contribute to a charity.

Killing two birds with one stone eh?

So here goes:

Click on the photo and like their FB page! :)

I've gotten it up on my sidebar as well.

Thanks everyone!

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