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I'm fine, thank you and YOU?

WeeN's note: This is my first time attempting on a review, I don't know much musical jargons and I have a weak vocabulary, so bear with me. On the other hand, this is MY freaking opinion on TONIGHT, so I can say whatever I want to say, correct? I might even change my opinion in the future, so please read this with a pinch of salt. After all, my meat can be your poison. :P

So my favourite Korean group has finally released its latest mini album after a break (from performing in Korea, but active in Japan).

Titled TONIGHT, BIGBANG's 4th mini album was released on the 24th of February 2011 and the boys will be celebrating their 5th anniversary in August, with rumours of them dropping a full album during that time.

Truthfully, I anticipated their return so much and was definitely excited after listening to the teasers. When the record dropped, I went, "Oh my, this sounds so much like their Japanese stuff"

Imagine my disappointment because I'm not really fond of their first Japanese album, Big Bang. Although I did enjoy their other releases like HANDS UP (gets my adrenaline pumping), Tell Me Goodbye, 声をきかせて(Let Me Hear Your Voice, such a soothing one, though sad), I was not impressed. Partially because I'm not very into electronic-sort of stuff.

TONIGHT has 6 tracks including the INTRO (THANK YOU & YOU), which got me hooked on the "I'm fine, Thank you and You?". I'm not sure, just that it's addictive and I like how each of them say (sing?) it in their own ways.

"Hey ho! Hey ho!"
This is obviously a fun song, released first in Japan, but too bad there wasn't an MV for it, I prefer this to BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER (although the boys look damn fine in it). They performed this at the MTV Japan Video Awards 2010 and I enjoyed it so much! :D Thankfully it doesn't sound weird in Korean, though I sometimes wonder, when these artistes have versions of their songs in other languages, don't they get mixed up or something? :P

TONIGHT is the promoted track from this album, and though the first few seconds sounds like it's gonna hit you right at the face.. well it didn't. I like GD's and T.O.P's verses, and how they slowly build up towards the chorus. Unfortunately I don't like the chorus LOL. I like how the cheers and applauses of audience is incorporated into the song. It brings a 'high' feel towards the song, and the claps! :) Taeyang's part after the second chorus is nice, matches his voice well.

Okay after listening to it a few times, it kinda grows on me.

Surprisingly, I like Somebody to Love eventhough it has elements that might just make me hate it. The style is a bit like Gara Gara Go! and it's a song that makes you want to bob your head and dance along. The funny thing is, everytime I think of the title, Justin's Bieber's Somebody To Love keeps playing in my mind. -__-

What is Right is skewed towards pop, the beginning reminds me of something Taylor-Swift-ish. I enjoy this song, makes me wonder at times, what is right, and what is wrong? Can you tell me? :P

The last track, Cafe has relaxing vibe about it. Finally Daesung gets to shine more! I really wish he would given more parts, and while the others get to release solo albums (or sub-unit albums, in TOP's case), instead of Cotton Candy, he should get at least a mini album or something! At least he'll get an opportunity to showcase his own musical style. Unless he's more interested in acting. Teehee.

So far the comeback performances had been great and well-received. I find the choreographies for YG Entertainment's artistes evolving, starting with 2NE1's sort of freeze+movement+a bit of dance Go Away, and BIGBANG seems to be picking up on that sort of style as well. Making use of the stage, dancers and props instead of just sticking to dance steps which at times, will hinder their vocal abilities.

Appearance-wise, I love their new hairstyles (okeh except for Taeyang's and Seungri's, theirs are the same). Daesung looks so good in that side-swept short crop, and I think he's lost some weight?

GD is getting involve in singing more these days, and his rapping styles are less hip-hoppish, which I really appreciate. TOP on the other hand, is sounding more and more laidback in his raps, compared to their previous works, where I feel he pushed himself to sound more tough and macho. :P

So, how do you find TONIGHT?

More BIGBANG videos available at BIGBANG's Youtube channel yo!

TONIGHT's practice video, really lovin' the clapping moves!

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