Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Staying Positive

By now I'm sure everyone has heard of the devastating earthquake+tsunami which hit Japan, causing the loss of thousands of lives, wrecking infrastructures and only God knows what else.

Today when I stumbled across Tearful Japanese envoy paints a bleak picture on The Star Online, I could not imagine what he might be feeling right now. Here where he (and his family hopefully) is, safe and sound, an 8-hour flight away from his native home, while thousands of fellow countrymen try to get their feet back on the ground, with endless possibilities that the worst has yet to come.

" after day we have been finding dead bodies. Hundreds.. and thousands of them.. and still we cannot identify all the people who are missing, and who might have been dead.."

It was heartbreaking to watch him gather up his courage and control his sadness while making those statements, I can't imagine what goes on in the heads of the people currently in Japan right now, especially those who were directly affected.

My heart goes out to all affected by this disaster, directly or indirectly. #prayforjapan

Not only that, my prayer goes out to all the people in this world, may we overcome whatever hardships thrown upon us with good faith.


Still on something similar.

I had a mind-boggling day today, which left me speechless for quite a long while. Okay maybe not speechlessla, but urm.. what's that word?



Yeah. Flabbergasted.

Or something like, WTF.

I was accused of saying something which I did not said! It was really awful especially when I tried to deny ever saying it, I was brushed off without ever getting a chance to explain! However, being me, I was ssoooooooooooooo freaking determined to explain myself, which I did (my ketidakpuashatian ruled) however,

The fella freaking said that it's gonna be in the past and it will never be brought up again.


I'm flabbergasted beyond my imagination that I cannot help smirking while typing this.

Either it's God's way of punishing me or it's just.. another bump on the road which I'm driving through right now.

You know what's even funnier? That the matter at hand was so simple that it is unbelivable for me to even say it!

FML. I'm not sure if my credibility's gone now, but i'm going to STAY POSITIVE.

I'll show you that this will not bring me down no matter what.

*skips happily to hang laundry while thinking happy thoughts*

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