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Dream High, A Chance To Fly High

A drama which recently concluded its run on KBS World is none other than the idol-packed Dream High, which tells a story of six high school highs and lows in pursuing their dreams to be successful superstars.

This drama stars Miss A's youngest member, Suzy; 2PM's Taecyeon and Wooyoung; T-Ara's Eunjung; IU and Kim Soohyun. And there's Park Jin Young a.k.a. JYP a.k.a. the man who made Rain and Wondergirls.

I actually missed out on the first episode because I forgot that Dream High was replacing Marry Me, Mary (starring Moonn Geun Young, Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Wook, whose character Jung In I liked so much!). So when I caught episode 2, I was a bit disappointed. I thought the only reason why I should watch it is JYP.

I mean the scene where he (his character, Yang-sam) scratched his butt before shaking Bae Yong Joon (Kirin Art High School's pricipal)'s hand made me go "OHMYGOD DID JYP SERIOUSLY DO THAT???" I tell you Yang-sam character is very entertaining!

Among all the idols, I am impressed with 2PM's Taecyeon the most. I think he has improved a lot since Cinderella's Stepsister (CS), or maybe I just find his character in CS funny because of the accent. But in Dream High, he definitely potrayed his emotions well, my favourite scene being the one where he kneeled in front of his father because he was unable to tell his father the reason why he whacked the CEO of his agency. And from the drama, I managed to realise that among all the 2PM members, I find him having the most sincere smile. Y'know, the kind of like when a child is a happy, the smile is sssoooo wide that it lights up the eyes as well?

Wtf i'm saying?
oh well.

I think the character with the most interesting has got to be Song Samdong, played by Kim Soohyun. Samdong is a talented village boy with shaggy hair which Hyemi went to search and brought to the city to ensure her placement in Kirin Art. Samdong falls in love with her at first sight, entered a talent competition with her on stage and goes to the city after hearing Hyemi says, "I like you." Among the six he shows a promising talent in composing, only his dreams were briefly shattered by ringings in his ear hinders his performances.

One of the heartbreaking scenes is this scene of him singing Dreaming in front of talent scouts from various agencies. He started of by hitting the wrong notes because he had trouble hearing the piano. However, he managed to pull through with the help of the girl of his dream (chewah!).


Samdong's love for Hyemi never fades, while Hyemi has trouble choosing between Jinguk (Taecyeon) and Samdong, though in the end she chooses Samdong! :D

I really admire Samdong's loyalty towards Hyemi, eventhough he knew that Hyemi was a little bit unsure about who she liked at that time. I especially like the scene at episode 15, where he ran, trying to catch up with Hyemi's bus which was leaving for the airport (she was supposed to leave for the States to attend Julliard) before crying his heart out - it was so touching, that I felt like hugging him there and then!

Samdong I will definitely NOT leave you! Hehehehe

The line that I like the most from the last episode is..
You are my music and my music is you. Without you, there is no music

said by Samdong when refused to go to the States (among the 6 who auditioned for EMG, he passed) and leave Hyemi behind.

Oh another thing I like about this drama is the Milky Couple, Jason and Pilsuk, played by Wooyoung and IU respectively. IU is just so cute that you'll feel like biting her but Wooyoung's acting is a bit of a disappointment, but it's his first ever drama so I hope he'll improve once he gets the hang of acting. Anyways, everything falls together when you put them both together! Too cute to a point that you would want to squish squish them! They should get together in real life, but the problem is IU's ideal man is BIGBANG's Taeyang! So Wooyoung-くん、がんばってください!:P

Now allkpop has reported that there will be a second season of Dream High! I may not enjoy this drama as much as Cinderella's Stepsister or Marry Me, Mary (i think my mom did not quite like it, she followed the other two dramas but not Dream High. Maybe she's a fan of Moon Geun Young hahaha) but I'm actually quite excited to know who will be casted! I hope Yang-sam will still be in it! :P

Oh go look for the soundtrack. Wonderful album! The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Dream High - Suzy (miss A), Wooyoung (2PM), Taecyeon (2PM) and Kim Soohyun
  2. Someday - IU
  3. My Valentine - Nickhun (2PM) and Taecyeon (2PM) *I like this a lot!
  4. 못 잊은 거죠 (If) - Park Jin Young
  5. Maybe - Sunye (Wondergirls)
  6. 사랑하면 안될까 (Can't I Love You?) - Jinwoon (2AM) and Changmin (2AM)
  7. 가지마 (Don't Leave) - Junsu (2PM) and Lim Jeonghee *Superlove! This track is produced by Junsu himself and co-produced by One Way's Chance
  8. 어떤이의 꿈 (A Part of This Dream)- San E feat. Sohyang of POS
  9. 겨울아이 (Winter Child) - Suzy (miss A)
  10. Dreaming - Kim Soohyun
  11. 못 잊은 거죠 (If)(Instrumental)
  12. Maybe (Instrumental)

As you can see that it's dominated by JYP Entertainment artistes. Why wouldn't it be when the drama is co-produced by the man himself? :P

Look out for special appearances by other JYPE artistes during the Dream High flash mob scene in the last episode! :D

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