Sunday, March 20, 2011


I can't remember the last time I saw Tiger. The only thing I remember is my mom telling me that he had jumped down from the balcony outside the kitchen, and ran off.

Mom and brother found him once hiding under my car, but before they could get him to come home, he sprinted (??) off. All because of that stupid orange cat who had been intimidating/scaring/pissing him.

the first few days when he was with us

Now, we have no idea where he is, or whether he's in a good condition. I just hope that he's surviving, and planting his seeds somewhere.

But I wish he would just come home. :'(

the objects of his amusement when he was growing up - father's chipmunks

He was a real scaredy cat - refusing to ever step out of the main door. Even if he did, he would just wander around our floor, and would usually scramble off with the slightest sound!

So it's a big surprise that he dared to jump down from our floor, apparently trying to fight off another cat.

He had the weirdest sleeping positions as a cat. Almost human-like, my mom thinks.

These were taken during Chinese New Year this year.

exploring outside on of the rooms at my grandparents' house

sleeping behind the TV, no problem!

His cowardness disappeared after seeing my grandmother's THREE female cats - whom he excitedly pursued throughout our stay. No more shyness for him! But he kept urinating everywhere when he got excited, so we had to resort to caging him, something we have not done to him while in KL.

yeah, Tiger. Aren't we all?

But we did let him loose again cause we couldn't take his (sad) mewing. :P

sound asleep in his traveling cage, on the way back to KL

Come back Tiger. Come back. you went missing once but you came back.

So it doesn't hurt to hope you'll return again right?

Missing you.


  1. ahh, hopefully tiger comes back. i keep our cat indoor and only let him out with a leash tho.

  2. @ky: owh he came back alright. but then he went off again. -__- i think he now thinks our house is a hotel.


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