Thursday, March 24, 2011

You've grown up I guess

Today it's still about Tiger, our dear cat. Received a multimedia message for my youngest sister while at work with this photograph attached:
my cat is so handsomeleh?
The message goes like this:
Do u know tiger have a house? Just now, he show his house to us(mama and me). There was a big house at the paking (*parking) lot. The door was open but the grill didn't..he went in the house and meow at if he ask us to come say we can't cuz the grill was lock..i feel like crying when mom says 'ur big now..u must live alone..find ur own food'..then, on our way home, he follow us and say meow(bye)..
LOL my sister so emo. Haha. Oh well, he'll come back once in a while I guess. Like Chi Seng commented on FB, "Tiger treats you like hotel only - comes and goes as he wishes!" Stay healthy Tiger!


  1. i have to say he is quite a good looking cat... not like a typical stray at all.

    if ur family is lonely i think pak wan will gladly giv u 1,2 or all 7 of her baby hamsters.....

  2. i actually want but then my mother will definitely freak out and go,

    "Not again!"



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