Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Finally posted my PTPTN Ujrah offer today, two days shy of my closing date. Those who received the offer through e-mail after updating their details at the PTPTN website will receive an offer letter, have a 90-days period to complete all the necessary forms and prepare the relevant documents to be sent back to PTPTN.

My parents were grumbling when they were signing the documents LOL and imagine my embarassment asking a colleague to help sign and sahkan my documents because I think she had to sign more than 10 times! :P

It took me a while to submit the papers because:

1. I actually did not want my payback method to be potongan gaji (pay cut). I prefer to control how much I can afford to pay every month, cause sometimes, you know there are other important expenses cropping up for example, car insurance, road tax, Chinese New Year shopping, accidental splurging *shy2*

2. The fact that PTPTN did not take any initiative to automatically upgrade (downgrade?) everyone's interest rate from 3% to 1% just pisses me off. I mean, if you're sincerely offering everyone that, why not just automatically changed everyone's to 1% instead of making them go into trouble to print (cannot on both sides of the page wor), write/sign (black ball pen please!), get penjamin's and saksi penjamin's signatures (poor my parents had to squint to sign) and get 2 duty stamps worth RM10 each and post back to PTPTN.


Most of my friends have missed their deadlines, and according to the offer letter one has to submit a plea to be able to receive the offer again.

So, have you all submitted yours?

(Who am I asking btw? :P)

Althoug I've been paying diligently since I got my first paycheck, the number doesn't seem like decreasing. Since I was charged for the first 6 months, (I only got my gaji in June), which amounted to around RM500++? T__T Whylah must they charge the interest monthly (3% x leftover balance divide by 12 months) instead of yearly?

Poor us newly working people (okay I've been working for almost a year, still new kan?) who are still trying to find ways to balance our finances.

*prays hard so that I'll end up winning a jackpot or something*

I guess have to slowly paylah. *sighs*

*gets BLEACH episode 211 loading*


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