Thursday, March 03, 2011

Some words can make a bad day go away.

Mine today were mostly,

"Cik Angeline comel hari ini!"
"Your hair *thumbs up*"
"*opens door and walks in* eh comelnye Cik Angeline hari ini"

I made a good decision of cutting my hair.

I did it by myself (inspired by Kristen, but of course no one can beat her hot hairstyle)! Once on Monday cause I was stressed (work issues) and then yesterday, cause I was feeling hot.

Now I have this itch to keep on snipping LOL.

So many people said I'm cute today so it pretty much made up my day after crying at work.

I'm cute for now. yeah at age almost a quarter of century. almost (nyeh nyeh Selene)

Okay now you can go vomit.


What I did last Saturday:

After getting less than 3 hours of sleep after a night of Selene's birthday celebration (where an incident happened which made everyone proud of her), we managed to get ourselves to KL for breakfast at this bungalow-turned-into-a-cafe/bakery called Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie (please don't ask me how to pronounce), located next to the Royal Selangor Yatch Club at Jalan Delima. Pak Wan had been raving about this place so it was apt that she brought us there!

Gosh the stuff there will definitely make your jaws dropped. I had a hard time choosing what I wanted to eat because I wanted to try everything! Which explains the non-existent of interior photos of the place *cues Super Junior's Sorry Sorry* In the end we took a two to three stuff individually and decided to share.

the turkey ham bun is gooood~ The yellow stuff you see is actually egg yolk with a little it of egg white! yummy! The other two I didn't manage to try

These two I had to pack it home, the chocolate french toast is awesome, but i can't detect the french toast in it! :P and the cream bun, like the fact that the custard is not overly sweet or creamy

this one tak sempat try

when i first saw this i was like, "what the heck is pecorino romano?" took it without anymore thoughts (grumbling tummy won over brain early in the morning). didn't like the bread crust, too hard, but it was overall okay. Pecorino Romano is actually a type of cheese! and yeah, it was salty LOL
Pak Wan treated us to these "fluffs of heaven" i tried the macchiato one (white rusk on the top) and now I know why she likes macarons so much! Chi Seng tried the chocolate one and said it was too sweet for him, but the macchiato and jasmine (yellow) weren't overly sweet for me so i think there's something wrong with his tongue :P Anyways they're pricey, like RM3++ for one T___T thank you Pak Wan

good, but it could do without the sugar

all packed up to be brought home (not by me though)

I want to go again!


Tried a new place near home selling ayam penyet (smashed chicken). Not bad, and not pricey, RM29.30 for a serving of ayam penyet, 2 servings of empal penyet (smashed beef) and sup sayur masam (sour vegetable soup). We took the penyet sets which came with rice and teh limau ais (iced lemon tea).

ayam penyet. watch out for the sambal

empal penyet

tasted like a watered down assam pedas. would prefer it to be more sour

There's also other types of penyet stuff: lele (ikan keli/catfish), bakso (meatballs) and tofu, tempe and egg. They do serve sup ekor, bakso soup and some other stuff i can't remember. According to the cashier, the place has only been around about 2 weeks, wonder how it will do cause when we went we were the first to be there for dinner, and then joined by an uncle and another family.

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