Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Blabs #1/2011

Whoa. How long has it been since I last posted? *checks last post*

Oh, almost two months ago!

Obviously, a lot has happened like, 2010 left and 2011 came. The Rabbit Year started 18 days ago, and I'm gonna be a quarter of a century by the end of this year.



23 JAN 2011

Went to my first badminton match early this year, with Yng Jiun, Yen Lin and friends. I didn't know Lee Chong Wei could make me scream so much. And I saw my favouritest player, Chen Jin! Although he wasn't playing. Hohoho.


Yng Jiun became his number 1 fan because of this smile


I enjoyed the men's doubles game the most. Exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time! And the passings of shuttlecock were soooooo fast! The funny thing was, the audience were obviously bored of China's domination in most of the final (three) that everyone was rooting for Denmark!

Me too!

Lee Chong Wei-Taufik Hidayat game was okay, hope I'll get to watch Lin Dan in action one day. And also some Japanese and Korean teams.


And The Rabbit Hops In!

my uncle bought this potrait somewhere, somehow i've seen it somewhere else too!

As usual I went back to my hometown for Chinese New Year. Since I don't have the time I'm too lazy to explain how it went, I'll just post some random pictures. Cute ones. Don't matter if you think they're not.

Bryan must have been like, "is this Apek serious? does he really wants me to kiss him? pffttt"

girls in cheongsams, who are 11 years apart from one another

we stole her from Peter Pan

sis with cheeky boy

their laughters, combined together, can be eardrums-shattering


grandma's cat 1

grandma's cat 2

what a HUGE change in a year for this boy!

wheeling is fun!

grandma's cat 3

errr whose uncle is this?


brother with grandaunt

Mr. Samad (no kidding!)

cousins of mine

adorable girl

Tiger, who is currently missing

HUGE Kuan Yin statue

that's the feet of the statue, to prove just how HUGE it is

our own

our (missing again?) 호랑이

Well, to wrap things up, just hope that 2011 will bring me much joy and happiness, as much as 2010 (okeh I wouldn't mind more) and I hope I'll be able to enjoy my life more before I become older.

LOL what a conclusion.

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  1. OMG!!! Nice pic!! LOL at Mr. Samad!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDD


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