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Mnet Ultimate Live in Asia - Singapore, December 4th 2010


Managed to speak to Ah Kong, through Skype while in Singapore. Wahlau my grandfather is damn hightech, I myself don't have a Skype account.

* * *

This is like, another sort of impromptu decision of mine. Was told about Mnet Live in Asia - Singapore (MULA-S) by non other than my cousin and made the decision to go a few days after seeing the lineup.

Was really excited to see MBLAQ, B2ST and 2AM as part of the performing artistes, while I have so-so feelings for Miss A and 2PM.

So the first thing(s) I charged my credit card with are 3 of these tickets:

We (as in me, my sister and my cousin) were superduperexcited about this concert, and also about the fact that it's our first time abroad.

Unfortunately the excitement was halted for my sister when her exam dates were pushed back because of the flood, and the concert is a day before one of her papers! T___T

I do feel bad about it but there's nothing much we can do about it since her university is located up north and no matter how many traveling options we weighed, we can never get her back to her uni on time so :'(

Was damn lucky to be able to stay at my aunt's house so we got to save on accommodation (the tickets are so expensive, the most expensive I had ever spent on a ticket!)

network map is from SMRT website

On that day we traveled by MRT from Bukit Batok to Jurong East via the red line, and to Raffles Place via the green line and walked and walked and walked until we got, sorta lost. :P Well not really lost, it's just that we lost the signs to Marina Bay Sands Residence but luckily we met up with 2 girls and figured out our way there!

Christmas deco somewhere along the walk T____T sorry i can't remember my memory fails me all the time

We emerged from the underground pathway locating I-don't-know-how-many buildings and saw this:

THE Marina Bay Sands Hotel woot woot we're closer to the venue woot woot

ohkeh cannot be biased must take photo of other buildings as well!

new found friends a.k.a. the 2 girls we met: Adelyn and uh i can't remember her name but her FB name is Pig Zhu ^^ who goes to the same Poly, and are 7 years younger than me wtf i'm old

Me and Ika so sad the Merlion is behind us

awesome kimchi jiggae from The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands's food court: complete with ddeok (rice cake)!gosh the soup is just so great, the best i've tried so far!

Because we went to eat, we were part of the 2nd last line lining up into the exhibition hall(the concert venue) T_______T but we managed to slip our ways nearer to the stage like this:

The sucky thing was they started the show without waiting for all of us went in! We were outside when we heard the starting of MBLAQ's Y and we were like "WTFFFFFF!" (it was actually an introduction to the first performer, which was MBLAQ) then the music for Oh Yeah! came up and we heard Mir's rapping!


Oh well, we just ran in and enjoyed the rest of the song while snaking our ways through the crowd.

Lee Joon on the screen!

oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah

After Oh Yeah, they sang Y, thank goodness we managed to catch Lee Joon's awesome whatever dance at the beginning hahaha! after a brief introduction, Seungho, G.O. and Lee Joon performed Last Luv, a song off their Y mini album, which is one of my favourites! :D

Yang Chopin!

Then the boys performed individually, starting with Mir rapping No Diggity (by BLACKSTREET) and Lee Joon did his, urm dance..

wahlau damn artistic photo

G.O. sang an English song (again, failed memory)

Seungho, of course, danced.

sorry Yang leader for the funny photo

Chundoong a.k.a. Thunder sang Rain's song.

Then they sang What U Want before ending with One Better Day, a song which i really enjoyed singing and dancing along too! :D

Next up was the only girl group on the lineup: Miss A, which debuted this year and successfully won Song of the Year award (Bad Girl, Good Girl) at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) held last month.

Unfortunately they only came with three members, the youngest, Suzy had drama commitments (but 2PM's Taecyeon and Wooyoung were there!) so she left a video message which ended with "Jumpa lagi!"

eh they pointed at me!

The girls sang Breathe, and then sang another song, and Lady Gaga's Poker Face and did individual dances too before ending with Good Girl, Bad Girl. Min spoke English while Jia and Fei spoke in Mandarin. Could really see that their famous among the boys cause I kept hearing "Fei!!! Feeiiii!!!" and "Min!!! Minnnn!"


Then next came 2AM! Wheeeeee~

Can't really remember the sequence of the songs they sang but they did sing my favourite - A Friend's Confession! I almost teared because it's my favourite song so I was really happy to be able to watch them sing it. hehehe.

They sang their two newest songs, You Wouldn't Answer My Calls and Like Crazy, besides singing stuff from their previous albums. The boys ended with their World Cup song, Number 1, which really got the crowd going and made me happy!

I don't know why but I think I was so happy with their performance!! :P

And what we look forward to did happen: Jokwon turned into Kkap Kwon for a few seconds during Number 1! hahaha it was really funny, as funny as how it was on TV!

In short, 2AM was awesome. Seulong and Jinwoon are really really tall, and I'm glad Changmin had his hair up like that because I didn't like his hair during this recent comeback of theirs. Kwon is just... adorable I must say. They really smiled a lot, really looked happy.


After 2AM, came B2ST! They started with Special and I remembered a lot of people screamed as me and Ika scrambled forward trying to get closer to the stage. Bad move. We couldn't see the boys clearly because the angle. :(

But I love their yellow-black combo!

Kiwi Kwang Kwang the adorable

Mystery head-rotating moves, performed!

"everyday i shock, everynight i shock"

Songs performed (which I can remember): Special, Soom, Oasis, Yet (Ajigeum), Bad Girl, Mystery and Shock. Hope I didn't miss anything.

I've always have this affection towards their first song Bad Girl. Was screaming like mad when they performed and me and Ika actually danced along hahaha so happy!!

Last but not least, 2PM appeared. They had the longest set, managed to change once into their white suits and performed most songs amongst all the artistes that I thought it was a 2PM showcase. :P

By the time they appeared I was too tired so I just watched and screamed only once in a while. Plus I'm not THAT familiar with their songs. Although I really looked forward to seeing Junsu, Junho, Wooyoung and Chansung, my rotational favourites hohohohoho

the only group who had this special videos of their members between sets (now you know why it felt like a 2PM mini showcase)

i've always felt Junsu is a bit not suitable in 2PM. There's something in his voice that makes him unsuitable for the group. anyways my opinion only 2PM fans a.k.a Hottests please don't flame me

Again & Again. I looked forward to it but I thought their moves weren't strong enough. I think they were saving their energy

Heartbeat trademark beginning. Unfortunately he did not rip off his clothes *sigh*.

2PM performed (not in order): 10/10, Again & Again, Without U, I'll Be Back (really love the shuffles and Chansung's parts LOL) and others I can't remember before ending with lastly Heartbeat.

After that, the artistes came out to say their goodbyes to the audience except for Beast T__T

sorry the sound quality is a bit baaaddddd...

The showcase ended around 9.50pm. Yes, it started around 7pm and ended before 10pm. I think they all had curfews. LOL.

I did enjoy myself, but the traveling was tiring! and personally, the main vocalist for each group are really awesome. Jokwon (2AM), Yoseob (B2ST) and Junsu (2PM) get thumbs-ups from me! :D

i'm gonna be okay (gonna be okay), i'll be okay

Funny thing is now I don't feel like going to anymore K-pop shows. Overdosed already I guess. I'm gonna be missing the DiGi Live K-pop Party or B2ST-4minute-G.Na showcase next month because as much as I adore B2ST, I don't feel like watching the girls (hahaha so sorry).

I'll just wait for BIGBANG and 2NE1 la. And SE7EN+GUMMY too!

YG please bring your artistes hereeeeeeeeee~


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