Sunday, March 28, 2010

To let go or not?

This is NOT an emo post!

The red box above contains a collection of stuff that I had spent splurged on a few years ago. When was it, I can't really remember exactly.

Initially this box came with a gift from Aimi who gave it to me to mark the start of my tertiary education. Since I found the box very useful and I love red, I decided to put some stuff in it.

You can see by the dust that I have not been touching this box for quite a lonngg while. I'm guessing a year or two maybe? Or maybe more..

LOL. Anyways, lo and behold, the items that are in it:

Can guess?

Yup, I basically put all my Orange Range CDs and DVDs into this box.

I think everyone knows that at one time, I was such a superhuge fan of the Japanese band Orange Range, who got my attention with a song used at the end of the movie いま、会いにゆきます (English title: Be With You) starring my favourite Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi (Pride, Queen of Lunchtime) and her ex-husband Shidou Nakamura (the dude who was the Japanese fighter in Huo Yuan Jia/Fearless).

The song is (Flower, pronounced as Hana), which is the band's fourth single off their second studio album (best-selling album in 2004), musiQ and 8th single.

God knows how may times I used to listen to this song. As soon as I woke up, I had to listen. Like maybe for 5 times before I could start doing anything. And then another 5 times before I go to sleep? And multigazillion times in between.


singles: Sayonara and UN ROCK STAR. Don't you think the cover for Sayonara is so cute and sweet? :)The MV for this single is sad though.. *sobs*

albums clockwise from top: Squeezed (a remixes album), musiQ, Natural, Orange Range (CD+DVD Japanese version) and Orange Range (Taiwanese version)

Please don't ask me how did I manage to get both versions of their 4th album, Orange Range. Oh wait it must have been the lure of the DVD containing their MVs. LOL. Both Squeezed and the Taiwanese version of Orange Range were bought from Singapore, with the help of Yng Jiun's friend.

DVDs: Video la Contact, Video de Recital, musiQ live DVD from musiQ 005 Live Tour at Makuhari Messe and NATURAL live DVD from NATURAL 005 at Yokohama Arena

I must admit that after I got the DVDs, I regularly watched them especially the live tour DVDs. I can't choose which I like better, the musiQ one or the NATURAL one, cos they both have their pros. For example, musiQ has Katchan (ex-drummer *sobs*) in it! For NATURAL, although it was a smaller venue, it was a really great show!

As for the CDs, I have never played the singles in any CD player so they're sort of super brand new and untouched. :P I listened to NATURAL and musiQ the most, followed by Orange Range and I think I've never touched Squeezed.

The wonders of downloads. :P

ANDAND the photobooks: Blood Orange and Cheese, Butter & Juicymee. I have not touched them for years either. Maybe those I can sell off first. Hmmhmm.

Of course I'm a bit reluctant in letting them go, but since I don't use them that often, better I pass them on to someone/sometwo/somethree/someetc else who is a bigger fan than I am kan?

Yes I admit I'm not such a big fan of Orenji Renji anymore. Although I still plan to go Japan to catch their concert once I'm able to save for it (diediedie now got plans to go Korea must save for that also).

AND I admit that I need some money (although not so desperate but it doesn't hurt to have some extra cash) to buy some things which is listed on the left panel of this blog. Hohoho.

BUT I do not want to simply sell them to just anyone. He/She/They has/have to be an Orange Range FANATIC like I used to be.

Like eat, sleep and breathe Orange Range.

Okay that's a bit extreme but you get what I meanlah.

If I were to go back and read all my previous posts on them I might just start crying and not wanting to let them go.


I'm still pondering.

*starts singing 2AM's 죽어도 못 보내 (Can't Let You Go Even If I Die) with exaggerated facial expressions and hand gestures ^^*

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  1. KKKYYYAAAA!!!!! xDDDDDDD What a collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x3


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