Thursday, April 01, 2010


Sounds like a new bad word. I think maybe I can use it next time. Haha. Since the f-word and s-word had been overused too many times.

Like, instead of, "Shit, I forgot to fucking bring my house keys!" I will say "Woochi! I forgot to wooching bring my house keys!"

Okay it sounds a bit weird, but I'll give it a try. Plus it's not a bad word so.. :P

Now you may wonder where I got this Woochi word from.

Was at Tropicana City Mall yesterday for a date with my sister and we were pondering over which movie to watch. This is today's schedule in Tropicana City Mall's GSC.

Taking off Alice in Wonderland and How To Train Your Dragon for our youngest sister's sake (after she mengamuk then we sure die so don't want to take chances) we were left with movie titles which sounded alien to us.

After seeing the poster of Green Zone I was a bit interested because of Matt Damon but then my sister suggested The Tao Fighter: Woochi, a Korean movie which I had no idea existed. She told me that the actor is Kang Dong Won, who I am unfamiliar with but she said that Narsha of BEG mentioned about him once somewhere.

I was a reluctant at first, because I didn't know who he was and thought of just going for Green Zone until at the end I asked,

"Is it a funny movie or what?"
And she unconfidently said, "I think it is.."

Since I was more in the mood for some laughter, Woochi it is!

Guess what?

There were only FOUR people in the cinema.. INCLUDING the two of us.

Which was a good thing (or not!) because we were the loudest and we laughed a lot. Even at the small littlest things. I didn't even hear any sound from the other 2 fellas at all until at one point I had to ask my sister were there really other people besides us. You know, just in case. @_@

Our voices practically drowned theirs I guess. Haha.

Anyways, onto the movie shall we? Beware that I had absolutely no wooching idea what the movie was about so I was a bit blur2 when the movie started, causing me to lose understanding on the first few scenes (esp about the goblins and the archgod and the flute/pipe).

The movie started with a story about goblins (who were in the forms of the 12 animal zodiacs) who were set free by three Taoist gods and they were fighting to obtain a flute/pipe.
After they were set free and became part of humans who during their lives would not realise that they're actually goblins until they come into contact with the pipe.

Woochi is a Taoist wizard (or magician?) who aspires to be the greatest wizard by collecting some items according to a book (I have no idea what book is that but it must have been The Guide to Become one of the Greatest Taoist Wizard) using wizardy (he even pranked a King to obtained some mirror).

While looking for a silver dagger, he came in contact with a rat goblin and crossed paths with another famous wizard Hwadam which were appointed by the same three Taoist gods to capture the goblins and get the pipe. However Woochi managed to get the pipe.

Hwadam and the gods looked for Woochi for the pipe, and met Woochi's master who decided to split the pipe into halves (one for Woochi and one for Hwadam) and the pipe can only be fixed by Taoist gods after 5000 years.

With half of the pipe, the (goat) goblin inside Hwadam was unleashed and aiming to get the other half, he murdered Woochi's master. Woochi was framed for the murder and thus the Taoist gods imprisoned Woochi and Chorangyi (Woochi's partner, who is actually a dog, but doubles as Woochi's horse) into scroll paintings, accidently 'imprisoning' the other pipe-half together with Woochi as well.

Fast forward into the future, which is actually our time now, the three gods lived as normal human beings when goblins started appearing again. With Hwadam nowhere to be found, they were forced to release Woochi and Chorangyi to help them capture the goblins.

I guess I'll stop here. No fun if I tell the whole story hor?

*avoids imaginary stones/rocks/pebbles/profanities thrown by readers*

I tell you the movie was not only exciting, but funny as well. The scene which made me and my sister laughed the most was when Woochi created a few versions of himself using his talismans (which were actually that yellow paper with red writings used in some Chinese ceremonies or if you recall in some Chinese movies stuck onto hopping vampires' foreheads to prevent them from moving) during a fight with the two goblins (in the middle of some town in the future) and all his alter egos were out to fight. There was one who is a coward, one who likes to spit, one who gets super-excited and laughs non-stop at everything he does (even when his head was whacked into a car window and he got stuck there still can laugh hysterically I think I died laughing at that time) and etc.

The three Taoist gods who in the future turned into a fortune teller, a Christian priest and a mental patient/sick old man and Chorangyi were hilarious as well.

sorry had to remove the trailer cos YT removed it

After watching this trailer I realised that the were a few scenes cut off during the screening, it was obvious and super-irritating. Hmmph.

I might go find the DVD. Ngehehe.

Now are you WOOCHI-NG interested?

* * *



  1. Woochi? LOL!

  2. owwh~ :D LOL Korean movies are always so funny. Kang Dong Won<3 I know I've seen him somewhere last time, but I've forgotten.

    LOL the most unforgettable part. The alter egos and Woochi got on the car for the first time. XD


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