Monday, March 22, 2010

With time to kill.

I changed my banner yet again! :P

From the one with Changmin (agh I've deleted it) to this simple one with GD.

Have to apologise to Changmin since GD pawned him on this one. Trust me, Changmin does look absolutely HOT in an ice-hockey uniform

from episode 1 of 2AM DAY

I guess I'm really intrigued by Jiyong's tattoo:

too fast to live too young to die

which is also a line from the lyrics to his song The Leaders which Teddy of 1TYM and CL of 2NE1 are featured in.

I think guys with a little bit of tattoo on their skin are hot. :9

* * *

The letter for duty reporting arrived last week. Will be reporting on the first Saturday of April and supposedly starting work straightaway on Monday.

Suddenly I'm feeling very nervous about starting work. It's a wonder how things are gonna go on that Saturday since filling in required forms also can become such a pain in the butt.

Oh well I have 2 weeks to prepare so will do it on my own pacelah.

It seems like my mother is superduperexcited about me working though. Earlier she mentioned that I should get some materials to make a new pair of baju kurung, but we ended up getting stuff for 3 pairs.

Although I have no problems wearing baju kurung whatsoever, I feel like I need more office clothes. I find that wearing baju kurung needs a lot of patience and self-control since I am very ganas, unlady-like er.. lady with an ability of ripping my kain anytime (happened before I'm not gonna lie), anywhere.

Guess I need to wait until reporting day since I need to know what I'm allowed to wear to work.

* * *

I'm a little bit pissed to hear that someone thought I managed to get my job using what we would always call "lines/cables".

Excuse me lady, BUT I fucking sat for an exam which lasted for 8 hours on a fine Saturday which consisted 5 bloody sections including 2 essays (BM and English), then had to go up to the east coast just for some team-building and physical tests which was only for a day AND sit for an interview which I waited 5 hours for.

Not to mention that I waited almost one freaking year for this, absolutely clueless about how my life would turn out okay? You don't how much fear I had in me when I saw all of my friends happily earning money/doing something useful/enjoying life and I was the only trying hard to figure what I want in my life.

I still do though.

I hope you didn't offend my mother that day.


* * *

LOL of the day:

Changmin impersonating Ryuk, the shinigami from Death Note on the second episode of 2AM DAY

See, he can go this far in self-destructing himself just to amuse fans.

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  1. :D I love GD's tattoo! Should get one lar.. :P Changmin do look hot in the uniform. Should show dad this side of him. ;P

    O_O; seriously that photo of Changmin and Ryuk scares me a bit. LOL. Celebrities ruin themselves to entertain us, yet they still look good no matter what. ;D


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