Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Let me hear your voice.

I know I haven't done this for quite a long time - giving birthday wishes to my favourite artistes.

Today is BIGBANG's eldest member, T.O.P.'s birthday!

I sound like a fangirl.
And everyone must be thinking that T.O.P. is my favourite BIGBANG member but
NONONO.. G-Dragon catches my eye the most.

But T.O.P. is a special dude. And I like special dudes.

=) Love his voice~

And anyways, today is the release date for BIGBANG's latest Japanese single, 声をきかせて, which is used as the opening theme for a Japanese drama titled おひとりさまOhitorisama.

There's something about this song which I think really suits the Japanese market, so I think it'll do well. It has a feel-good melody, and the rap parts by G-Dragon and T.O.P. are in English, just like ガラガラGO!. Except this new single is more of a love song.

Here's the video (ohmygod my blog is loaded with BIGBANG now, just like how it used to be loaded with Orange Range :P):

Happy Birthday T.O.P. and Congratulations to BIGBANG! =D

*BIGBANG's video belongs to YG Entertainment


  1. OOH!! Angeline you're so cool! You update me with BigBang news indirectly! :D I didn't know it's TOP's birthday. And I didnt know they had a new single. LOL!

    don't stop posting! continue with more BigBang. LOL!!!

  2. Haha.. Thanks! This is me when I am so into a band/group!

    I guess I won't be stopping and will definitely keep you updated! =D


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